The Verdict. Countdown to Margarito Wraps 24/7


By E “G” Morales Febus– After what turned out to be a not so close fight but one that had plenty on the line, silence will fall over the arena and the living rooms of fight aficionado’s the world over, not least Mexico, waiting for thee decision. THE VERDICT. Both corners try to hide their nervousness but the look on their faces shows a telling picture. With sweaty palms and anxious moments a lot hangs in the balance. Some fans wait with their fingers crossed, some with lucky charms or religious artifacts in hand..

In my day, I have seen many praying, looking towards the heavens, kneeling, hoping that the verdict goes in their favor or in the favor of their hero. I have also been in different judicial court systems, in many different places. I’ve seen defendants hoping for a favorable verdict, even the guilty ones, hoping and praying somehow that a not guilty verdict is read out, regardless of the truth.

But not all defendants are actually guilty as charged, this we all know. Now, on the other side of the courtroom I’ve seen victims’ families and friends hoping and praying, hands embraced, expecting a guilty verdict. We are only hours away from THE VERDICT. Hours away before the California State Athletic Commission renders its verdict to Antonio Margarito and the hand wrap controversy.

Will anyone come out of this ‘drama’ completely innocent? Whatever the verdict may be! Will Tony Margarito’s reputation continue to be ‘spotless’ even if he is declared not guilty by the CSAC? Will the competency of the CSAC itself be forever in question due to their ‘oversight’ and what could have happened if not for the awareness of experienced corner men like Nazim Richardson?

You can all be sure of one thing there will be many praying that THE VERDICT goes their way, whichever way that may be. Not everybody has the same concept of “justice”. Some wish for the defendants to be exonerated because they are truly innocent. Some will hope that the guilty parties be punished accordingly IF they are truly guilty. Others might be hoping that he ‘beats the rap’ guilty or not or that he gets just a gentle slap on the wrist. There will be others of course hoping/praying that he gets nailed, guilty or not and that he gets harshly punished, VERY harshly.

Soon we’ll all know. Soon the silence will be over and soon we’ll have our verdict but guilty or not, some damage has already been done to the Sport we love; to Antonio Margarito and to fight aficionado’s everywhere.

Peace to all.