Jirov vs. Craven: Chief Second Ron Lipton

16.07.07 – By Ron Lipton: Ken Craven who had a 200lb contract with Jirov unofficially weighed in with me and Bill Calogero across the street from the 4 Bears Casino Lodge in North Dakota at a clinic scale. He weighed 209. He had to weigh in at 7PM and dropped 11lbs in a matter of hours drying out and running. I only was able to train him for a week before the fight and he had to go home to Louisiana. I met him in North Dakota and he came in too heavy. He made 198 which is beyond amazing.

Jirov came in one pound overweight and I had him shed the weight.

I have never seen in all my life (Outside of referees in “Pro Wrestling” ) more intentional fouls that were permitted on the entire card.

I flew and rode with Jirov and his corner along with me, Bill and Kenny Craven from a connecting flight in St.Paul to Minot North Dakota and then an hour and a half from the airport at midnight to the Casino, all together, all friends, all respectful.

Once the fight started as the films will show, there was a deliberate head butt by Vassily, low blows, and vicious and several rabbit punches with nothing being done by the referee. The intentional headbutt cracked Ken’s nose and the blood was pouring as well as his eye swelling. Then the rabbit punches and finally a liver shot.

Ken and I worked on his uppercut all afternoon, delivering it my way and he hit Jirov such a shot that he had him out on his feet with the crowd going wild. I only had Ken training with me for less than 4 days and met up with him after that in ND.

He sadly weighed in at 9AM with me and Bill Calogero his promoter at 209lbs on Friday the official weigh in day, which was scheduled at 7PM.

Ken ran in the sun, dried out and came in at 198 after dropping 11lbs in less than 8 hours.

It was great meeting Wingmaster there and Randy and his wife came a long way to the fight. Two wonderful people and a pleasure meeting with him.

The other bout in the co feature had Bo Skipper V The Hawk a 228lb fighter.
Bo who I just met at the hotel asked me to work with him one day before the fight and he came in at 192 bulking up from 168 just to get this fight.
He tore into the bigger man with body shots and was doing well until he got cut and then a left hook and uppercut took him down and out for some scary moments. This brave hillbilly boy from Mississippi had all the heart in the world and was a real polite gentleman.

It will all be on comcast TV, the MoJO channel and maybe MSG in August.

In another bout at least 3 full seconds after the bell a fighter knocked out the other man in the most blatant foul I ever saw and the most intentional, and the referee did nothing but count the guy out. INCREDIBLE.

I spent a lot of time talking with Thell Torrence from Jirov’s corner, one of boxing’s nicest people and we remain good friends.


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Boxing News Jirov vs. Craven: Chief Second Ron Lipton