James Toney/Samuel Peter Prediction: Toney to Win by UD


Toney vs Peter31.08.06 – By Ted Sares: I predict James Toney takes the Nigerian bomber to school (Saturday at STAPLES Center on SHOWTIME 10 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the west coast) and this is why:

EXPERIENCE: Clearly, Toney is the more experienced man with far more quality rounds and 50 more fights under his ample belt.

QUALITY OF OPPOSITION: “Lights Out’s” opposition has been light years superior to that of Peter. James has fought Roy Jones, a trilogy with the great Mike McCallum (2 wins and a draw), Vassiliy Jirov, Evander Holyfield, Hasim Rahman, Dominick Guinn, John Ruiz, Steve Little, Montell Griffin, Charles Williams, Iran Barkley, Reggie Johnson, Merqui Sosa, and, of course, Michael Nunn. The list reads like a “Whose Who” in tough opponents. Peter, on the other hand, has fought Wladimir Klitschko and then it goes quickly down hill. Charles Shufford Jr, Taurus Sykes and Jeremy Williams have been decent opponents. Indeed, “The Nightmare”sent Williams to sleep and into retirement with a scary left hook but he also was extended to the round limit by Shufford and Robert Hawkins. During the amateurs, he won 18 of 20 fights. No comparison here..

BOXING KNOW HOW: Toney possesses incredible fistic talent and Peter possesses’s devastating power, but Toney is the professor and Peter is the student. Toney knows every cute move in the book and Peter is an upstart who may not know where the book is. Toney’s Boxer IQ is high; Peter is still too amateurish and he may well be overrated. Toney likely has forgotten more than Peter knows about the ruidements of offense and defense. But Peter’s awesome power can erase all of that with one left hook ala Jeremy Williams.

Prediction: Toney works his way inside “The Nightmare’s” looping shots, and begins connecting with short hooks, and sharp counter uppercuts until one connects that momentarily stuns Samuel. James quickly steps back and unloads a strong overhand right down the pipe that surprises Samuel and forces him to become more cautious and tentative. Toney begins picking up the pace in the 4rth round, fighting inside and off the ropes ropes which he does better than just about anyone. He then starts the process of breaking the now somewhat discouraged bigger man down with crisp rights and combinations, while Peter is relegated to throwing one telegraphed punch at a time. Toney, now dictating the action, exposes Peter’s lack of fundamentals and takes the crude but proud Nigerian to school. At the end, both fighters are exhausted but Toney’s hand is raised as he wins by UD.

*”Question: Sam, Toney is a tremendous fighter in terms of defense, counter punching, fighting from angles. A lot of things that are really old school. You are a younger fighter and known more as a power puncher. Have you adjusted your style, or are you going to adjust your style, to face Toney?

Peter: I am going to walk through him. Toney: Oh, I like that. Keep your promise.”

*From ESB James Toney-Samuel Peter Conference Call War – 09.08.06

Ted Sares is a syndicated writer who can be reached at tedsares@adelphia.net