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October 13, 2005 – Dusseldorf, Germany. From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: “The WBC held its 43rd annual convention in Spain during the week of October 3, which ended on October 8. The WBC Board of Governors and I were traveling at the time the controversy was unfolding in Las Vegas related to the Diego Corrales – Jose Luis Castillo fight on October 8. However, the WBC has now had the opportunity to determine all of the relevant facts and review all of it relevant rules and regulations.

Rule WC-13 (b), which relates to non-compliance with the championship weight limit, clearly states that a champion wins by default and retains his title when the challenger does not make the statutory weight of the division during the official weigh-in ceremony, or within a two hour period thereafter.

Therefore, in accordance with the WBC Rules and Regulations, Diego Corrales retained his WBC Lightweight Championship of the World on October 8, 2005, when Jose Luis Castillo could not make the prescribed weight of 135 pounds (61.235 kg.).

However, due to the circumstances of the victory by Jose Luis Castillo in the ring, I am taking a vote with the Board of Governors of the institution, to order a rematch with no intervening defenses, with the following conditions:

1. That Jose Luis Castillo obtains a medical approval that he can make the lightweight division without harmful physical sacrifices.

2. That Diego Corrales takes the required medical resting period and medical examinations as prescribed by the Medical Board of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, where the bout was held.

3. That both boxers accept to be subjected to the WBC mandatory extra official weigh-ins to be held 30 and seven days prior to the official weigh-in 24 to 30 hours before their bout, with no more than 10 percent and five percent, respectively, of excess weight over the limits of the lightweight division.

Both boxers must accept this ruling, if so voted in favor by the WBC Board of Governors, for the WBC to continue extending its official recognition to the WBC championship.

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