Interview with WBC Light Heavyweight champ Tomas Adamek

11.10.05 – By Scoop Malinowski / – With one of the most scintillating performances of 2005, Tomas Adamek made history by winning the WBC Light Heavyweight title, thus becoming the first Polish world champion. Unfortunately, most boxing fans did not get to see the brutal thriller this past May, as HBO mistakenly opted not to televise any of the Brewster-Golota undercard.

Adamek showed all the qualities of a TV boxing star against dangerous Aussie Paul Briggs – excellent technical skills, sharp accurate punching, the ability to suffer damage but come back fighting even stronger, and the heart of a lion. The 28-year-old suffered a broken nose in sparring five weeks before the fight yet even that setback could not deter him. Nor did the grotesque swelling in the fight against Briggs which was no doubt a consequence of the still ruptured nose area.

Here’s the latest from the new WBC Light Heavyweight champ who will attempt to defend his title vs. mandatory Thomas Ulrich on October 15th in Dusseldorf, Germany. Universum promotes this show which also includes a very interesting clash between former WBC Heavyweight champ Oliver “The Atomic Bull” McCall and former WBC Cruiser king Juan Carlos Gomez, aka The Black Panther.

Adamek did this interview last week from his training camp in Warsaw:

Scoop: Congratulations champ. So how has life changed for you since becoming a world champion? How are they treating you in Poland?

Adamek: “Thank you, nothing has changed with me, I am just a world champion. Everything else is the same in my life. The people treat me very good. I am the first Polish world champion. I have a lot of fans.”

Scoop: Ziggy, I thought Darius Michalzcewski was the first champ from Poland?

Ziggy Rozalski (manager): “He fights for Germany. He fought under a German passport. He defected Poland. He fought under German citizenship.”

Scoop: The Briggs fight was one of the most exciting fights of the year. Were you surprised it was such a dramatic and difficult fight? And what got you through it, with that swelling from the broken nose?

Adamek: “I realize all fights for world titles are difficult. Five weeks before the fight I had broken my nose in sparring. That’s what made it difficult, otherwise it would have been an easy fight.”

Scoop: What do you know about your next opponent Ulrich? What strengths and weaknesses have you discovered?

Adamek: “I think he’s a little easier than Briggs. Because he has a European style of boxing. He boxes more straight up. Briggs was more American style.”

Scoop: What were your thoughts on watching Tarver vs. Jones III?

Adamek: “I watched the fight. It wasn’t very impressive. I would like a shot with Tarver after I fight Ulrich.”

Scoop: But the word is that if you win this fight with Ulrich, you must face Briggs in a rematch, is that true?

Rozalski: “Ulrich is the mandatory. We have a year to fight Briggs. Tomas doesn’t have to fight Briggs next.”

Scoop: Wait a minute, you weren’t impressed by Tarver? He has just beaten the great Roy Jones twice now. And very decisively too.

Adamek: “Roy Jones is old and at the end of his career. If this was five years ago Tarver never would win against Roy Jones. Roy Jones has a full belly, he is rich and has achieved a lot. I am still very hungry.”

Scoop: What vulnerabilities do you see in Tarver?

Adamek: “Because Tarver’s lefty. I like fighting lefties. They’re easy for me to fight.”

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Boxing News Interview with WBC Light Heavyweight champ Tomas Adamek