Richardson Hitchins vs. Jose Zepeda Tonight: Start Time, TV & Streaming

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Richardson Hitchins aims to overpower Jose Zepeda, signaling to the elite fighters in the 140lbs division that he’s on their trail. Their upcoming showdown is set for TONIGHT at Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida, and will be broadcast LIVE on DAZN.

Hitchins (16-0 7 KOs) currently ranks #5 in the WBO and #7 in the IBF. A win this Saturday could propel him closer to World title fights, with the WBC Silver, WBO NABO, and IBF North American Super-Lightweight titles up for grabs.

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The prodigy from Brooklyn was impressive in his recent appearance, knocking down New Jersey’s John Bauza and securing a clean victory at Madison Square Garden. At 25, Hitchins is aware that consistent victories are key to achieving the World title opportunity he seeks. More than just winning, he feels it’s his dominant performances that will make his competitors take notice. This sentiment begins with the crucial challenge against the seasoned World title contender, Zepeda (37-3 28 KOs).

What time is the Hitchins vs. Zepeda Fight?

The Hitchins vs. Zepeda fight is scheduled for tonight, Saturday, September 23. Here are the key timings you need to know:

  • Event Start: 8 p.m. ET / 1 a.m. UK
  • Main Event Ringwalks (Approximate): 10:45 p.m. ET / 3:45 a.m. UK
  • Please note that the exact time for the main event ringwalks might vary, depending on the duration of the undercard fights.
  • Wondering if you can stream the Hitchins vs. Zepeda fight on DAZN tonight? Good news! The entire event will be broadcast LIVE on DAZN, available for streaming in more than 200 countries worldwide.

“For me, victory is paramount. Yet to land those important fights, it’s essential not only to win but to do so convincingly,” shared Hitchins.

He continued, “I’m prepped for the titleholders. When comparing me with the opponents of fighters like Prograis or Haney, I believe I present significant challenges for all. My attributes – height, arm span, and impeccable defense – make me formidable. I can instinctively sense an opponent’s move even before they make it. Against someone unfamiliar with defense strategies, my style complicates things for them. Facing me is akin to solving a complex mathematical equation in the boxing ring.”

“Every fight at 140lbs holds its charm, and this one with Jose is no exception. He’s a self-assured boxer with a knack for delivering knockout blows. The buzz is about how I’ll fare against Zepeda. And while Teofimo claims Brooklyn as home, I know it’s truly my turf. Having defeated the reigning champion at 140, I regard myself as the unofficial monarch in this weight class.”

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Hitchins added, “It’s expected of Jose to express his desire to fight against me. At 34, with his rich boxing history, innate confidence, formidable power, and essential skills, he’s rightfully eager to seize this opportunity.”

However, Hitchins remains confident about his edge. “I’m certain I’m several notches above him in skill. He may try to capitalize on his extensive experience, but I believe my superior intelligence and strategy in the ring will prevail.”

Hitchins mentioned, “The notion of being the main event doesn’t really burden me. I feel I was destined for this; I’ve been crafted for moments like these. Since the beginning, there has always been an expectation surrounding me. Yet, I navigate through it all with unwavering self-belief. At the core of it, it’s just boxing, and I have the genuine conviction that I’m among the elite in this sport.”

He continued, “Every fight holds significance, and I approach this one with the same urgency as my previous ones. It’s imperative to secure a win. To truly master boxing is to have the world at your feet, and that’s my ultimate ambition – to reign supreme in this division.”

He nostalgically shared, “The path from my initial steps in boxing to being the main event this Saturday has been quite the adventure. Recollections of my younger self getting inspired by Marcus Browne during the 2012 Olympics come flooding back. I was about 14 then, and that inspiration set my initial objective – to be an Olympian.”

He added, “The journey from that point, inking a deal with Mayweather Promotions, stepping into the ring on Showtime, securing a win against the respectable former World Champion Argenis Mendis, and now leading the show; it feels like fate, truly.”

Hitchins passionately expressed, “When one is ardently pursuing their dreams, naysayers are part of the territory. External challenges will always be there. However, with unwavering focus and clarity on your vision, it’s essential to stay undeterred because after every challenging phase, brighter days await.”

Drawing from his past, he stated, “Having experienced homelessness, I understand struggles intimately. But I was always confident that boxing would be my ticket to a better life. I’m dedicated to ensuring that my family and I never revisit those challenging days of helplessness. Simply put, I believe in my gift, and I’m channeling it not only to achieve greatness in the ring but also to positively impact the lives of those around me.”

This contest between Hitchins and Zepeda is among the highlights of an action-packed evening in Orlando. Jessica McCaskill and Sandy Ryan are set to fight in a unification match for multiple Welterweight titles.

Austin ‘Ammo’ Williams will showcase his case for a World title in the Middleweight division against Steve Rolls. Simultaneously, Orestes Velazquez will defend his WBA International Super-Lightweight title, starting the main card against Mohamed Soumaoro.

Khalil Coe continues his ascent in the Light-Heavyweight division. ‘Big Steppa’ is set to open the event, eyeing his third KO victory of 2023 against Kenmon Evans. Jeovanny Estella and Jasmine Artega are slated for eight rounds in their respective divisions, while Roberto Rivera Gomez starts the evening in a four-round bout. Matchmaking for these fighters will be finalized soon.

RICHARDSON HITCHINS, contending for the WBC Silver, WBO NABO, and IBF North American titles:

“I’m genuinely excited about this fight. I give thanks to God for this opportunity and a heartfelt gratitude to Eddie and the entire Matchroom team. While Jose Zepeda might assume I haven’t fought at this level, he’s not seeing the whole story. At the age of 22, with only ten professional fights, I defeated the likes of Argenis Mendez, a past world champion. After that, every non-world title fight seemed like a step back.

“True, Zepeda has been in several fights, but not all had the dynamism and agility I possess. Take Ivan Baranchyk as an example, arguably his most significant win. Baranchyk was missing basic skills. Zepeda’s past record won’t matter much this Saturday, even with his fight against Jose Ramirez.

“My path here, after 16 fights, is straightforward: I have a strategic edge. Zepeda will get it once we open up. I rightfully got this fight, and I’ve always come out on top against my opponents. Zepeda needs to get ready for a genuine test. I’m in this for the long haul.

“While I do acknowledge Zepeda’s abilities, he is a capable boxer, no doubt. Boxers like Baranchyk had flaws that Zepeda took advantage of. I won’t make the same errors.”

JOSE ZEPEDA, contending for the WBC Silver, WBO NABO, and IBF North American titles:

“I’m always ready and thankful to Eddie Hearn and the entire Matchroom team. A special thanks to my new coach, Manny Robles, my sibling, and Stitch for an outstanding training phase. My record in significant fights hasn’t always been perfect, but I believe I’m at my best right now.

“My decision to take this fight is mainly due to my aspiration for upcoming World title opportunities. Hitchins is impressively quick and possibly the top-contender at 140. If I overcome him, it sets the stage for my shot at a world title.

“I’ve watched Hitchins in action. He’s a bright prospect but hasn’t encountered challenges of this importance yet. This fight will gauge how well he copes with the tension. Vying for a world title has a unique vibe. When I first squared up against Ramirez, just one hit was enough to emphasize the make-or-break nature of the situation. We’ll see what Hitchins is truly made of this Saturday.”

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Hitchins Zepeda full card

  • Richardson Hitchins vs. Jose Zepeda; Super lightweight
  • Austin Williams vs. Steve Rolls; Middleweight
  • Jessica McCaskill vs. Sandy Ryan; WBC, WBA and WBO women’s welterweight title unification
  • Orestes Velazquez vs. Mohamed Soumaoro; Super lightweight
  • Khalil Coe vs. Kenmon Evans; Light heavyweight
  • Jeovanny Estella vs. Luis Caraballo; Light middleweight
  • Jasmine Artega vs. Haley Pasion; Women’s super flyweight
  • Roberto Rivera Gomez vs. Carlos Andre Dos Santos Rocha; Featherweight