Would You Prefer To See Canelo Fight Caleb Plant Next, Or Golovkin?

We all know Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez has a goal, an immediate goal: that of unifying all the belts at super-middleweight. So it seems a natural next fight for Canelo, the reigning WBA/WBO/WBC champ at 168 pounds, is one with Caleb Plant, the current IBF boss. Promoter Eddie Hearn told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated that Plant is “The only fight” for Canelo – “And hopefully Caleb Plant feels the same way. If we want to keep the great times coming in boxing, it’s the undisputed, the first Mexican undisputed champion at 168 pounds. It’s the one to make in September.”

But is it the one? The attraction of seeing Canelo attempt to make another piece of boxing history would/will prove interesting to fight fans, and in terms of opposing styles, Canelo Vs. Plant is an intriguing fight. Then again, we saw in graphic detail in the Billy Joe Saunders fight how Canelo, patient yet relentless, deals with a smart, fast and clever boxer. How about Canelo instead facing the one guy who proved he was as tough as he was, as smart as he was, and as strong as he was, and maybe still is – Gennady Golovkin?

Canelo, 56-1-2(38) has said that he is open to the possibility of a third and final fight with GGG, but that it would have to be at 168 pounds. Canelo’s days as a middleweight are seemingly gone forever. So, fight fans, what would you prefer to see next – Canelo going for history in a fight with Plant, or Canelo going for the deciding fight in his rivalry with Golovkin?

In an ideal world, both fights would happen, and maybe they will. But we are talking in terms of Canelo’s next fight. The 30-year-old, at his peak destroyer is coming off a comprehensive win over a slick boxer and, begging the 21-0(12) Plant’s pardon, most everybody feels Canelo would/will be too strong and powerful for Plant the way he was too strong and powerful for Saunders. But GGG, 41-1-1(36) has twice pushed Canelo to the brink, beating him even (beating him in both fights according to plenty of fans, this one included). Might GGG give Canelo another hard, hard time of things in a fight-three, this despite being aged 39 and having to move up in weight eight pounds?

Personally, I’d prefer to see Canelo fight Golovkin next, before GGG gets even older. By next May, GGG will be 40. The unification fight with Plant can wait until next May. Canelo should fight Triple-G a third time first. Agree or disagree?

28 thoughts on “Would You Prefer To See Canelo Fight Caleb Plant Next, Or Golovkin?”

  1. GGG all the way both fights! Canelo is a little girl cherry picking some weak ass fighters to compete with. Fight some real fighters Canelo. Mayweather will still kick your ass til this day. Canelo is just a big Diva in my mind.

  2. GGG was chasing him for years, Clownelo even gave up his belts when the fight became mandatory. Eventually they fought but the judges were rigged having adele byrds score all round in favor of her golden boy employer. Team red head knew they couldn’t beat GGG in back to back fights so they came out with a plan to come out with a positive drug test and SELF ban themselves for 9 months to get more recovery time and have GGG not only for thru another training camp but fight and win against another opponent while Clownelo got to rest. Finally a year later, an older GGG had to fight a rested up and coming and still won.

    • GGG needs to focus on fighting Charlo or Andrade and stop living in the past. GGG got his ass whooped by DEREVYANCHENKO. GGG feels pressured and dont want no more ass whooping by Canelo, but Canelo will give him a chance once he becomes undisputed champion.

  3. Fight Plant for sure. GGG will be there. No rush. Camelot only gets better while GGG IS not active enough.

  4. Canelo has been cherry-picking since he was gifted against GGG. Canelo doesn’t want anymore wars with him. Canelo will continue facing easier opposition to make him look like Ivan Drago. Most people are fooled, but not me!

    • Canelo had been gifted twice , even a blind man knew GGG won the first fight , the second fight was really close.
      second fight was definitely a draw btw these two lions.
      But to give the fight to Canelo that’s just not right.

  5. First fight with GGG got clenelo a dirty test as he needed an extra kick against him. Even with that extra kick canelo was outlanded by the much older fighter. Canelo hits did nothing to GGG even being juiced up. Canelo lost twice and lost respect with that Mexican meat excuse. After those two fights he moves up easily no weight problems strength nothing. That’s juice right there for ya

  6. Depends how important Legacy is to your career, and what kind of company you want to keep. Too many belts, some belts mean nothing, too many organizations. Chase that bling, or line up the best of the best, in their prime, fight your trilogy with GGG, then fight Plant, Andrade, both Charlo Bros, Benavidez, Birov, Spence, then call is a career, more respectable than a Floyd Jr (it’s not about who made the most money). It’s about who you beat in the prime of their careers. Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran had 9 fights just amongst themselves! They wanted bragging rights, who the best of the best was.

  7. Well if you ask me..both are legendary..even if you had canelo eeking out se ond fight one thing you should see is in light of all canelos acomplishments..how great ggg is

  8. No , canelo beat ggg clearly in the second fight. The result was fair in both fights. Canelo will stop ggg in a third fight, can’t beat Father Time. If you don’t like canelo , well then he’ll never prove enough to you. But I for one , don’t mind winners , seems like a lot of people are just sore when people win too much.

    • The first fight was very controversial with the judges. I’ve not yet seen many fights where someone wins from being against the ropes. Multiple pundits confirmed the results were not quite right and yes that can happen in boxing. Canelo is great but he’s dragged out triple g for long enough. The first fight should have happened way sooner, an aged ggg isnt the same as he is now. He still took his punches like a warrior. Canelo’s beef incident also adds more fuel to the fire, being a millionaire you wouldn’t think they could just eat regular contaminated meat.

  9. Agree 100% – I’m disappointed that it’s been delayed this long.
    Canelo is an elite talent, but he *lost 2 fights against GGG, and that’s a massive disservice to the sport and history books. It’s just not right.

    • Sure both figths were close and the result was fair. I dont know it just seem tgat you hate Canelo so much it clouded your judgement. Time caught up with GGG in his prime tim he he would have k.oed Canello….now he will be stopped

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