Wladimir Klitschko Mentions Wilder As a Possible Future Opponent

deontay32 - CopyThe heavyweight boxing division is drowning. There is a clear lack of formidable competition for either of the Klitschko brothers, and as time goes on, the remaining tiny pool of fighters is becoming dangerously dry.

After claiming a victory over Alexander Povetkin, Wladimir Klitschko is back on the hunt for the next opponent. But who is there left to fight?

David Haye will always linger as one of the options for Wladimir, but it seems as though there is no more interest in seeing the two fighters face each other again. The boxing community is not in favor of their rematch, proposing that it would be a waste of time for everyone.

So who is Wladimir to face next? Is there a fighter out there that could potentially give Klitschko problems in the fight? Personally I cannot think of anyone deserving, but Wlad seems to have a possible target in mind:

“There is a huge fighter, by the name of Deontay Wilder. He is over 2 meters tall, with an arm span of 213 centimeters. He has fought 29 professional fights, with an outcome of 29 victories (all by knockout). In August of this year he knocked out Siarhei Liakhovich (25-5-0). I think that a fight against him would be very interesting. The issue is that he is not rated high enough yet,” stated Wladimir.

Wilder’s numbers on his record are certainly impressive, but are there knockouts and victories hard earned? Does he truly deserve a shot at Wladimir?

On October 26th, Wilder will face Nicolai Firtha (21-10-1) in New Jersey. What is the purpose of that fight? Will it add anything to Wilder’s fight game? Aside from an expected victory, this fight is a bulking agent, meant to do nothing but pad a resume.

I am not implying that Wilder is not determined enough, or is not talented enough; he is simply too inexperienced. But what can be done? Wladimir has no one left to fight, and a fight against Wilder would most definitely bring interest simply due to Deontay’s size and record.

Let’s hope that Wilder keeps improving and collecting experience, and rightfully earns his place in line to face Klitschko.