Will Tyson Fury Retire Undefeated?

Tyson Fury, currently 30-0-1(21) has stated how he will retire undefeated, that he will “never lose a fight.” Speaking on Gary Neville’s ‘The Overlap,’ the 33-year old who is getting ready for his third fight with Deontay Wilder said “there’s nobody out there to beat me.” Anthony Joshua fans may disagree – and this all-British clash is the fight that really needs to happen – but there is no denying Fury’s incredible self-belief and inner confidence.

No man is unbeatable, as there is always ‘someone out there who has the style and the ability to beat you. It’s often a case of taking the right fights and making sure you are 100 percent ready to fight each time. Fury says he has “only got two, three fights left because there are no more challenges.”

“I’ve never lost a fight. I don’t think I’ll ever lose a fight, no. I don’t think I will,” Fury said. “I don’t think there’s nobody out there to beat me.”

Fury went on to say how he is focused solely on the October 9 return with Wilder, that he is annoyed when people ask him about the Joshua fight, not his actual upcoming fight.

“How can he have me now, if I’ve got a rematch with Wilder?” Fury said of a Joshua fight. “The big thing is – I’ll tell you what they always do – and he already fell victim to it, Joshua. They talk about fights that are not happening. Everybody wants to talk to me about the Joshua fight. They don’t care about the fight that I’m having. All of a sudden, they want me to look over what I’m doing and then get chinned. I’m laid on my back flat by Wilder and he’s taking my position. I’ve only got two, three fights left, because there are no more challenges. They’ve all been beaten. I’ve got Wilder next and provided I get through that, then I’ve got AJ.”

It wasn’t too long ago Fury was giving us his five-fight wish-list. Now Fury could be gone after two or three more. If Fury beats Wilder again, and then fights and defeats Joshua and then actually does retire, he would do so at 32-0-1. It is possible Fury could do it, but will he?

The Wilder fight is dangerous, as Fury knows full well, while Joshua is arguably Fury’s biggest, most important test. If Fury does win his next two and then waves goodbye, where would he be ranked amongst the all-time great heavyweights?

As fans know, only the immortal Rocky Marciano managed to go out as an unbeaten heavyweight king. Could Fury follow “The Rock?”