Will the big fights be going to China soon?

Boxing, as all other sports out there, is primarily a job. For many fighters boxing begins as a way to keep in shape and possibly compete in sports, and then slowly transitions into a financial backbone for their lives, lavish or not. Money is the main deciding factor of against whom, when and where a fight is to take place. Checks organize venues and marketing. Bigger checks create the roster for the night. And the colossal final checks come back as profit.

Of course anything you buy has a price, a value that can be manipulated based on demand. But what if you can get back the same, but spend half the amount to getting it? It’s hard to imagine that organizing a fight in China is anywhere near as expensive as it is in the States, and that goes for the venue as well as the marketing. The main benefit is as we all know the fact that Top Rank along with MP Promotions will be saving a ton of money by not paying the kind of taxes they would in United States.

It is also likely that this is not a one time deal. If this event is as profitable as Manny Pacquiao fights usually are in the United States, with next to nothing spent on various expenses, why wouldn’t Pacquiao want to fight there again? As a matter of fact, why wouldn’t everyone want to fight there and leave with a much healthier paycheck?

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The venues will be packed, the PPV will sell as good as ever, and the hospitality will be on par or even better. I believe that the Pacquiao vs. Rios fight, if successful, will prompt others to think about trying holding their championship fights overseas. After all, money is the deciding factor, and while some will try to remain patriotic and fight on their homeland, most would travel just to add those extra few numbers before the first decimal point to their pay.

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