Tyson Fury “In Talks” For Possible Fight With Demsey McKean

By James Slater - 05/23/2023 - Comments

How will the fans react if this possible fight comes off? As per various reports, Tyson Fury, who is currently in Australia, ostensibly to support his good mate Joseph Parker in his fight tomorrow night with Faiga Opelu, could next fight, get this…..Demsey McKean. Fury spoke to the media after his arrival down under, and the WBC heavyweight champ said he is “serious” about wanting to fight in Australia.

And now, McKean’s manager, Angelo Di Carlo, has revealed to News Corp that he has been in talks with Fury and his team for some time, a Fury-McKean fight the subject of discussion.

“Chats began some time ago for Demsey to fight Tyson Fury in Australia and I think Demsey is the best option for the Gypsy King,” Di Carlo said. “We’re certainly keen to do the fight. If Tyson Fury wants to fight in Australia, the logical option is to fight an Aussie fighter and talking to Fury’s people, they don’t want to fight a small heavyweight. Demsey is six foot six and being a southpaw, he would present a real test for Tyson. We’ve been given a possible date to fight Fury in August, so hopefully we can make it happen.”

But again, how would the fans react if this fight was served to them? Has Fury, perhaps realising he has lost some of his fan respect and popularity in the UK as a result of what happened with the Oleksandr Usyk fight and its collapse (you have your own opinion on who was/is to blame for the collapse, I’m sure, as I have mine, and Usyk isn’t the man to point the finger at, not from this vantage point, he isn’t), opted to take his show on the road? Maybe. The Australian fans would of course get excited about seeing a Fury fight, a Fury fight that would contest a world heavyweight title, and the fight would/will do big business. When was the last time a world heavyweight title fight was staged in Australia?

But will a Fury-McKean fight even be a world title fight if it happens? McKean, 22-0(14) is not currently ranked in the WBC top 15. Of course, this could be changed, as we’ve seen some, shall we say, convenient rankings occur in the sport in the past, have we not! But with or without a top 15 ranking, is McKean capable of giving Fury a fight?

Plenty of us groaned when Fury announced he would be fighting Derek Chisora in a pointless trilogy fight last time out, yet we were led to believe Fury was simply keeping busy while at the same time getting sharp for the all-but promised fight with Usyk. Will Fury, if he does fight McKean next, say he is doing so to get sharp for the Usyk fight? Will we buy this line if Fury tries to give it to us once again?

Fury may not care what his critics say, but if he does fight McKean next, this in a fight that would have to be looked at as a gross mismatch (McKean has never fought any fighter close to elite level, the 32 year old’s wins over Scott Belshaw and Jonathan Rice being his most noteworthy!) Fury will likely be savaged by his critics. And rightly so.

Will Fury ever fight Usyk? Will Fury ever fight a legitimate challenger again? Or is Fury, a man who loves fame and attention, content to be a reigning champion who is no longer interested in taking risky fights?

How will YOU react if Fury fights McKean next? Remember, McKean was on the short-list of opponents for Anthony Joshua’s April comeback, with AJ deciding on Jermain Franklin. How badly savaged would AJ, and Eddie Hearn, have been had the McKean fight been the one?

Last Updated on 05/23/2023