Tszyu-Judah II? – Tim Tszyu Wants To End Zab’s Career

It was arguably the biggest win of the great Kostya Tszyu’s career, certainly his most memorable KO victory: Tszyu smashed Zab Judah to smithereens inside two rounds back in their 2001, 140 pound unification showdown, his vicious punch making Judah do “The Chicken Dance.” Now, forging his own pro career, Kostya’s son Tim Tszyu wants to emulate his father and fight, KO and finally retire Zab.

The unbeaten 24 year old 154 pounder, currently 12-0(10), will fight Joel Camilleri for the Australian super-welterweight strap in Sydney on May 15th, and after that Tszyu wants to get it on with Judah. Veteran Zab, 44-9(30) will fight the once-beaten Cletus Seldin on June 7th, this fight being the 41 year old’s first fight since January of 2018, and it is unclear how long the Brooklyn southpaw aims to box on for.

But it is possible that if/when Zab reads about this potential chance to kind of, sort of “avenge” his humiliating KO loss to Kostya Tszyu (who can forget the way Zab went nuts when referee Jay Nady stopped the 2001 fight; Judah throwing a real tantrum, along with a ring stool!) he will take the fight.

Speaking with the Herald, Tim Tszyu said discussions for the fight have already started.

“Yeah, 100 percent, it’s been in discussion already,” the unbeaten contender said of a potential Judah fight. “It could happen in the future. What a fight that would be in Australia. If the opportunity arises, we would take it. Something like that would bring a lot of interest to the Australian public, everyone would tune in. To be able to say my dad did it, now I can do it as well. I’ve just got to do it in under a round. It was right at the end of the second [when Kostya KO’d Zab), so I have to do it in under two rounds.”

It would indeed be a big event in Australian boxing, and fans would certainly tune in; out of curiosity if nothing more. Would Judah’s great experience prove to be too much for the young Tszyu, or would history repeat itself? Another KO loss to a member of the Tszyu family would surely end the at times glittering career of Judah.