Tim Bradley Says He Feels Is The #2 Welterweight In The World……Behind Floyd Mayweather Junior

By James Slater: Unbeaten World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight king Tim Bradley, still waiting on signing for a follow up fight to his life changing, controversial win over superstar Manny Pacquiao, might now be more interested in taking a bout with Floyd Mayweather Junior compared to a return with Pac-Man.

Promoter Bob Arum is very cool on the idea of a return of the June 9th shocker, and though Bradley is the champion he is currently waiting on Pacquiao to make up his mind on who he will fight on November 10th in Las Vegas. Recently, Bradley expressed the opinion that Pac-Man might be “scared” of him and that he would do far better in a rematch compared to in the first fight, when he boxed with two injured ankles for a good portion of the 12-rounder.

But in an interview on HattonBoxing.com, Bradley sounded as though he is now more interested in facing “Money.” Bradley is realistic enough to admit that he is the second best welterweight in the world, after number-one Mayweather. Bradley is also convinced Mayweather would deal with Pacquiao easily should the two fight.

“I feel as if I’m the number two fighter at 147-pounds, and that’s behind Floyd Mayweather Junior,” Bradley said. “Once Floyd flattens Manny Pacquiao, which is going to happen if they ever fight, then me and Floyd can get it on.”

Mayweather has yet to make any official announcement on what his future ring plans are, yet the 43-0 master is sure to box again at least a few more times before walking away. There is talk of a Mayweather-Cotto rematch happening, and of a Mayweather-Pacquiao clash going down next April (but don’t hold your breath) but who knows, maybe Mayweather will look Bradley’s way instead. A Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would still do great business, and fans of both fighters will make a case for their guy winning.

Bradley, however, sounds as though he has lost a lot of respect for Pacquiao, and maybe this has influenced his prediction that says Floyd “flattens” Manny. But who would win if Bradley and Mayweather did get it on? I for one am intrigued by this fight, maybe Mayweather is too?

But time is ticking on for Bradley, a fighter who has been somewhat quiet since his career-biggest win. If he doesn’t get the November rematch with Pacquiao, could it be that “Desert Storm” sits out the remainder of 2012?