Sulaiman On Why The WBC Will Not Agree To Three-Minute Rounds For Women’s Boxing

By James Slater - 12/06/2023 - Comments

Fans may have read how women’s featherweight champ Amanda Serrano recently made it known that she is vacating her WBC title in protest over the way the Mauricio Sulaiman led organisation will not agree to three-minute rounds in women’s boxing. Serrano, who fought a 12X3 minute rounds fight back in October, wants female boxers to be treat the same as the male fighters.

But Sulaiman, speaking with Sky Sports in response to Serrano’s actions, said the main priority for himself and the WBC is safety, and the WBC president said he will never “compromise safety for popularity.”

Interestingly, Sulaiman said that it is possible the WBC will trial two-minute rounds in male boxing.

“There is not much to say,” Sulaiman said with regards to his organisation’s stance on the length of rounds in women’s boxing. “The WBC has changed the world of boxing in many ways to make our sport safer and will never compromise safety for popularity. This is not discrimination, this is not sexism, this is not about equality it is about safety and safety only. WBC has specific guidelines and rules for women in boxing, including not charging any sanction fees to any female boxer.”

Suliaman went on to say how, at the recent WBC convention, it was decided the two-minute rounds would stay in women’s boxing; Sulaiman and his organisation stating how longer rounds would bring the risk of fatigue and dehydration. Also, Sulaiman said, the two-minute rounds bring great action – “Perhaps it’s a coincidence, it came naturally but the two-minute rounds create huge action, great emotions,” he said. “We love the two-minute rounds, especially for protection and safety but it’s also a great spectacle. We’re even looking into maybe doing a pilot test or something for men fighting two-minute rounds. It will be very interesting.”

There is no doubt two-minute rounds create a fast pace and, as Sulaiman said, great action. Women’s fights seem to fly by, the action is so rapid, the pace set so red-hot. And maybe this would prove to be the case if some male fights were set for two-minute rounds? The traditionalists will not like the idea one bit, and Serrano and other female fighters have made their stance clear. But it seems the WBC will not budge in this issue. Aside, that is, from perhaps bringing two-minute rounds to men’s boxing.

It will be interesting to see how fans react to Sulaiman’s comments.

Last Updated on 12/06/2023