Shakur Stevenson: “Terence Crawford Would Beat Canelo!”

08/04/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Shakur Stevenson shared his views on two significant figures in the sport, Terrence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez. Speaking to IFL TV, Stevenson stated:

“Terrence Crawford is running things right now. As for who he should face next, I would love to see him go up against Charlo. Although Charlo is already lined up against Canelo, I genuinely believe Crawford could beat Canelo.”

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Stevenson’s rationale is grounded in his belief that size doesn’t determine fights —skills do. He noted,

“Being a southpaw with good movement and solid boxing, it would be tough for Canelo to walk Crawford down and load up on his powerful hooks.”

I wish Charlo wasn’t fighting against Canelo but it is what it is. I think Bud could beat Canelo. I would like to see it just because I know like, I don’t think size wins fights, I think skills do.”

He also highlighted the challenging element that southpaws with good movement can bring to a fight against Canelo.

“Being the southpaw with good movement and sharp boxing, it’d be hard for Canelo with that high guard to walk him down and load up on them big hooks how he be doing.”

There was a clear confidence in Stevenson’s comments, suggesting Crawford could indeed beat Canelo.

“So, I think Bud could beat Canelo.”

When asked about his recent collaboration with Floyd Mayweather, Stevenson told IFL TV:

“Me and Floyd have always been talking, but this time we made the decision to hit the gym. We went to the strip club, had a chat about boxing, and the next day, he called me to come over to the gym. He taught me a lot, and I have immense respect for him as a fighter.”

According to Stevenson, Mayweather hinted that their collaboration is “just getting started.”

Stevenson shared insights on rumors circulating around his next fight. Regarding Vasyl Lomachenko, Stevenson claimed,

“Lomachenko is the fight for me. There’s no other fight that really makes sense in terms of skill level. The best need to fight the best, and that’s me versus Lomachenko.”

In response to rumors that he may fight Jorge Linares next, he clarified,

“I’ve never heard anything about that. Right now, Jorge Linares is not in the position of being the best, unlike Lomachenko. I’d rather fight against the best.”

His confidence is not unwarranted, considering the strides he’s made in his career so far. Commenting on his position in the pound-for-pound rankings, Stevenson asserted,

“People need to stop sleeping on what I’ve accomplished in the sport of boxing. I’ve gone from 126 to winning the world title, won the world title at 130, unified at 130. Now at 135, I’m about to fight for a world title.”

Discussing future fights, Stevenson expressed interest in sharing the ring with Gervonta Davis. He anticipated,

“Me and Davis could break records. I think that fight could be even bigger than Terence Crawford versus Errol Spence. Our personalities, the lead-up, and everything could make it one of the biggest fights in the world.”

As for when this blockbuster fight could occur, Stevenson admitted uncertainty but maintained readiness.