New Jersey’s Golden Gloves Open Class Finals at Newark’s Prudential Center Saturday April 20th

Nearly every big name elite boxing champion starts his career at a young age in the amateur competition of the Golden Gloves. Name any elite champion of the past 40 years-Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, or even New Jersey’s “The Real Rocky” Chuck Wepner started competing for the glory of trophies. New Jersey Golden Gloves is a nonprofit organization that promotes amateur boxing, runs local tournaments and sends the state’s best boxers to the Golden Gloves of America’s national tournament each year. It is headed by Mr. Dan Doyle who selflessly devotes many hours per week organizing and managing this Tournament.

Dan Doyle, president of New Jersey Golden Gloves, said that 2013 marks the second year that the finals are being held at the Prudential Center in Newark. “We are very excited to be holding our Tournament of Champions at the Prudential Center, giving our amateur boxers a chance to box in a large arena much like the pros,” Doyle said. “These young athletes have dedicated at least the better part of a year to training for this prestigious tournament.”it’s 2013 amateur boxing tournament is on Saturday, April 20, at Prudential Center’s AmeriHealth Pavilion in Newark.

The evening’s program will feature the best amateur boxers in New Jersey as they strive for Golden Gloves glory. These athletes have been competing in preliminary shows this season, and only the most skillful will have made it to the finals. They all are hoping for a chance to become part of the New Jersey state team and compete in the National Tournament of Champions.

You can see action in each bout to rival any of today’s expensive PPV events. You have the opportunity to witness a future star in the sport beginning an illustrious career. Also this event evidences the Renaissance of Newark‘s Prudential Arena in bringing quality sports and entertainment back to Newark.. The fan’s presence will inspire these young men to strive to their utmost and will surely provide and evening of action filled bouts

Date: Saturday, Apr 20, 2013

Time: 7:00PM

Doors Open: 6:00PM

Ticket Prices: — General admission seats cost $33.50 each.

Seating: AmeriHealth Pavilion Boxing

Tickets: For table pricing and details contact Tickets are available by calling the NJ Golden Gloves headquarters at 732-318-7131; Dan Doyle at 908-230-2510; or Jose Rosario at 201-679-0485.