Mosley and Mayorga Clash at Official Presser / “Sugar” Angered by ‘Fake’ Slurs

It was a slight case of “handbags” at the press conference to promote their upcoming PPV fight on August 29th in Los Angeles, when veterans Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga clashed after the loose cannon-ed Nicaraguan blew cigarette smoke in the face of Mosley in a scene some sections on social media called “contrived.”

There is clearly no love lost between the two ageing fighters, who are looking to settle their long running feud with a rematch of their 2008 encounter that saw Mosley finish Mayorga in the last few seconds of the 12th and final round.

As you can see in the video above, courtesy of, Mayorga squares up to the former lightweight and welterweight boss, blowing smoke in Mosley’s face, only for the cigarette to be swiped away, all after Mayorga was initially huddling in a corner with a member of his team, seemingly planning the incident as a “bemused” Shane looks on and says “What’s that all about?”

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Mosley, perhaps referring to those who have slammed the much maligned PPV contest as irrelevant, tweeted immediately afterwards;

“Guess who’s mad? All the doubters. Cause my fight is trending right now. I’m a ninja. This gonna be the realist fight all year #MosleyMayorga.”

And responding on his instagram page to those who felt the whole thing was a set-up, he wrote;

“Anyone who knows me knows I don’t pull fake stunts. Never cause I’m too fu***** real. If I smack a cigarette out of some b****’s face, it’s damn sure ’cause they were about to catch these hands and I was keeping calm. Anyone saying that sh** ain’t real can catch and get these hands too.”

Make up your own mind……

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