Mikey Garcia aiming big for his next fight, says he’d fight Keith Thurman in July

Due to the explosive and wholly impressive way he dealt with his last opponent, fight fans are eager to see Mikey Garcia’s next fight. In what is great news, the reigning WBC lightweight champ who crushed Dejan Zlaticanin to take the belt back in January is as eager to fight as his fans are to see him fight.

The unbeaten, now three-weight champ is aiming big for his next few fights and, in speaking with FightHype, Garcia called out recently crowned WBC/WBA welterweight champ Keith Thurman. Garcia said he would jump up to 147 for a fight with Thurman as soon as this coming July.

“There’s a lot of thing I want to do but you don’t have enough time to do everything. I would like to be undisputed [lightweight champion]. I would also jump up right now to fight [Keith] Thurman, and then come down to 40 and then 135 again” Garcia said. “I’ll fight [Thurman] right now. Let’s get him. Let’s start calling out for Thurman. Let’s get him at 47, I’ll fight him at 47 in July. How about that? I’ll do it.”

And we have no doubt Garcia, 36-0(29) would indeed. And what a great fight it would almost certainly be. Garcia has carried his punching power up from the lower weight classes, and he is tall enough and big enough to be a force at welterweight. But will Thurman agree to the summer fight? Will “One Time” be allowed to take the fight or would he run the risk of losing one of his belts? Word is, Thurman may soon have to fight Lamont Peterson, who just won a version of the WBA welterweight belt.

Thurman, like Garcia, wants to become an undisputed champion and it’s possible he may be ordered to face Peterson. Hey, Thurman-Peterson is no bad match-up – but no way is it as appealing as Thurman-Garcia. And this particular Thurman-Garcia fight would be far more memorable than the Thurman-Garcia bout we saw a couple of weeks ago.