Mike Tyson – Heavyweight King of the 1980s Video

Iron Mike Tyson was the undisputed heavyweight king of the 1980s! Known for his blazing speed, his blistering combinations, his ferocious power, and his explosive dynamics as a finisher – Mike Tyson is also one of the most exciting heavyweights to ever lace up the gloves, if not the most exciting boxer of all time in the rich history of professional boxing. Mike Tyson was truly one of a kind!

Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time when he was just 20 years old. The following year, he successfully unified all of the major world titles from his era – the WBC, the WBA, and the IBF. He also earned lineal championship recognition when he defeated Michael Spinks in just 91 seconds back in 1988. Tyson’s prime years were magical, but his title reign came to a sudden and unexpected end at the hands of one James ‘Buster’ Douglas.

Tyson’s path towards redemption was underway, before coming to a sudden halt when he was sent to prison. Tyson returned to the squared circle after prison, and despite still being a formidable contender with tremendous speed and power, he was no longer the relentless force he once was. He still had some success, in becoming a two time heavyweight champion when he defeated Frank Bruno in a rematch. But the magic that brought forth Tyson’s aura of invincibility was long gone. He was no longer the baddest man on the planet, and his prime fighting years clearly happened during the 80s. And what an amazing run he had when at his best!

This edition of Rummy’s Corner is a compilation of some of Mike Tyson’s greatest moments during his prime years in the 1980s. Set to the dramatic music of Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous 5th Symphony, this piece attempts to bring the intensity and magic of prime Mike Tyson to life – both for those who are too young to have lived through the Tyson years, and for those looking for a pleasant stroll down memory lane or a reminder of just how ferocious Tyson once was. Please watch and enjoy the video.