Mayweather-Pacquiao – Espinoza: ” If we were running a race we would still have a ways to go”

By Vitali Shaposhnikov - 01/16/2015 - Comments

In an interview with USA Today, Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza has made it clear that while both sides want the fight to happen, finalizing the deal is not yet around the corner.

“We’re making meaningful progress but if we were running a race we would still have a ways to go. Everyone is trying to get to the finish line as soon as possible,” said Espinoza via

It seems to me that if it were truly a race, than three quarters of it would have already been completed. With Mayweather Jr. being the one calling Pacquiao out, and Arum pleading that team Pacquiao has agreed to all the terms and conditions set forth by team Mayweather Jr., the only thing should be remaining is the physical signing of the contract by both parties. With negotiations being concluded, at least supposedly, this fight should technically be a go.

Despite there being a ton of recent reported progress, it appears as though some of it might be someone blowing hot air: “We all mutually agreed we’re not going to negotiate in the press. There’s been some misinformation out there and in general all sides realize that the less said publicly the better,” continued Espinoza.

There is one thing that boxing fans do not want to hear right now, and it is that misinformation, might once again stall or even thwart the fight from taking place this coming summer.

While there isn’t a true deadline to this fight, most recent reports point to a decision being made before the end of this month.

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Last Updated on 01/16/2015