Marquez Vs. Alvarado on May 17th

By Selva Muthuchchamy - 03/20/2014 - Comments

The fight will take place at Inglewood, California on May 17th and it will be televised live on HBO. The winner of this elimination bout will be the mandatory challenger for the winner of Pacquiao Vs. Bradley. This means there is a hope of Paquiao Vs. Marquez 5 if both of them come out victorious from their fights….. Unless there is a spoiler.

I have a strong feeling that Pacquaio will come out as the winner in his upcoming fight by an impressive performance. Lets face it: Pacquiao will go for the kill against Bradley because he needs to avenge his “loss” and he will not hesitate because of Bradley’s feather dusting punching power. Bradley will not be able to outbox Pacquiao like he did with Marquez. Pacquiao is not a “wait and counter punch” fighter like Marquez. He will move in with a strong offense and that will push Bradley to fight or run. Either way he will get caught by a fighter much faster and powerful than fighters like Kendal Holt and Prodnikov who have made Bradley taste the floor.

As for the fight between Marquez and Alvarado, I can’t be firm with my opinion. Both are coming off their humbling losses and can’t tell what is left in them. As for Marquez, he did not take serious punishment from Bradley but his age might be a factor. it is very possible for the age factor to sneak up in a fighter overnight, like Marquez who have been in numerous battles. As for Alavarado, he did take punishment against Prodnikov and was stopped. If the Alvarado that dismantled Brandon Rios shows up, then It will definitely be a tough night for the aging Mexican.

Either way there are two exciting fights on our way and a chance to see a 5th repeat.