Klitschko-Joshua agreed, official announcement expected this week

It seems fans can, at the very least, pencil the date of December 10 in their diary, with the date underlined for a massive heavyweight event. Eddie Hearn, speaking with BBC Radio 5 Live, said that the deal between the two fighters “is there” and that all that needs to be sorted out now is the sanctioning requests. Hearn said that as long as the governing bodies are happy, the fight WILL go ahead, likely in Manchester, this December.

“Anthony Joshua has agreed to fight Wladimir Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko has agreed to fight Anthony Joshua,” Hearn said. “The financial terms have been agreed. We had a problem with US broadcasters, with the two being on different networks, that’s sorted out. So now it’s just a case of getting the paperwork sorted out, the sanctions sorted out. It’s a huge event, the young superstar against the guy who basically dominated the division for the last ten years or so.”

Hearn was then asked if he thought Joshua was taking the fight at the right time. “In terms of experience, it’s a total mismatch,” the interview said.

“Yeah, I think you’re right, it’s not the right fight for him. But that’s what’s exciting about it,” Hearn responded. “You can’t really win as a promoter because on one hand people say you are putting him in easy fights, and on the other hand they say, that’s a bit early for him isn’t it! That’s the excitement of the fight. If you look at the odds with the bookmakers, it’s an even money fight – it’s a complete 50-50 fight. With freshness, the sharpness, that leads you to Anthony Joshua, and then the experience says that Joshua hasn’t got a chance.”

Indeed, who will previal: the young tiger or the old lion? Hearn is expecting many millions of fight fans from all aroud the world to tune in to find out. This could really be one of the biggest British boxing events in years, but will British fans be smiling when the dust has settled? The betting odds may be close, but it seems most experts feel this fight has come at least a year too early for AJ.