“Keep Your Filthy Grimy Paws Off Me!” Bill Haney Lashes Out at Ryan Garcia’s Team

By Jeepers Isaac - 02/16/2024 - Comments

Bill Haney, the father of Devin, was held back by one of Ryan Garcia’s team during their announcement of their April 20th fight on DAZN in La Vegas. The way Bill looked, he didn’t appear of right mind. It was good that Ryan’s bodyguard was there to hold him back because he looked capable of anything.

The Oakland, California native, Bill, is still stewing about Ryan’s security bodyguard stepping in to keep him from putting his hands on him after he shoved Devin.

At the time, Bill looked wild-eyed, like he was ready to take care of Ryan before his son, Devin, got to fight him. A snarling, teeth-gnashing Bill looked like he needed to be put in a straightjacket and hauled away with the men in white coats during this fracas.

“Filthy Grimy Paws” Accusation

“I don’t know what got into you the last time I saw you, but you better tell that muscle-head, meathead, fresh on the scene, fresh out of jail, barracuda-looking,” said Bill Haney on X, talking about Team Ryan Garcia’s enforcer security guy that kept him getting to Kingry this week during their kick-off press conference for their April 20th fight on DAZN in Las Vegas.

“He’d better keep his grimy, filthy paws off of me or anybody related to my team, or next, you’re going to have to deal with Big Tank.

Bad Blood Brewing

Hopefully, this little altercation doesn’t spill over to the press conferences and weigh-ins. It would be a shape to have this rivalry explode before the two fighters even get inside the ring on April 20th.

It looked to this writer like Devin was getting a tad too close to Ryan during their argument, and that led him to shove Dev because he was in space. It’s perfectly understandable why Ryan took things to another level because Haney was too close, and you never know if he might sneak one of his shots in.