Juan Manuel Marquez Lists The Greatest Mexican Fighters Ever

By James Slater - 08/02/2022 - Comments

The proud country of Mexico has, as all fight fans know only too well, produced so many great, great ring warriors. Seemingly born tough, Mexican fighters have that distinctive style – the liver shot, the ability to soak up everything and anything that comes their way, the sheer refusal to give in. And, over the decades, Mexican fighters have given us so many excellent, never to be forgotten ring classics.

And, often resulting in a fierce debate, a list of the greatest Mexican fighters ever is always something to read; especially when an all-time great Mexican fighter is the person putting forth the list.

Juan Manuel Marquez, without question one of the best from his country to have ever put on gloves, recently spoke with ProBox TV Espanol, and “Dinamita” listed his all-time greatest Mexican fighters. Marquez, who walked away with a fine 56-7-1(40) record and was recently inducted into The Hall of Fame, didn’t give an exact Top-10 in chronological order; he instead mentioned all the fighters that he feels deserve to be ranked as the very best. And Marquez made one notable omission in doing so.

“The history of Mexican boxing is very rich. It is difficult,” Marquez said on the subject of coming up with such a list. Ruben Olivares, Carlos Zarate, Lupe Pintor, Salvador Sanchez, to name a few. Because the history of boxing in Mexico is very rich: [Marco Antonio] Barrera, [Erik] Morales, [Julio Cesar] Chavez. I put myself last. Chavez is unquestionably the best, Ricardo Lopez, Humberto Gonzalez.”

There’s zero doubt, each of the fighters Marquez listed deserve to be in anyone’s greatest ever Mexican fighters list, but which fighters, if any that are deserving, are missing? Canelo springs to mind, but maybe Marquez chose not to rank Canelo as he has not yet retired. Or maybe Marquez doesn’t feel Canelo is worthy of being in such exalted company?

These are the 10 fighters Marquez listed:

Ruben Olivares

Carlos Zarate

Lupe Pintor

Salvador Sanchez

Marco Antonio Barrera

Erik Morales

Julio Cesar Chavez


Ricardo Lopez

Humberto Gonzalez

How do YOU rate Marquez’ list?