Jose Benavidez Sr. Lays Into Alvarez: “Canelo Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With David”

By James Slater - 01/24/2024 - Comments

Jose Benavidez Sr. doesn’t think his son will ever get a fight with Canelo Alvarez. Speaking with Fight Hub TV, Benavidez Sr stated that Canelo “doesn’t want anything to do with David,” insisting that the Mexican superstar will “do anything to stay away from David.” Added to this, Benavidez Sr said that the Canelo era “has turned into a circus.”

Benavidez Sr is aghast at the idea of “little guy” Terence Crawford possibly fighting Canelo this year.

For the longest time, Benavidez, 28-0(24) and coming off a very impressive stoppage win over Demetrius Andrade, has called for a fight with Canelo. Now, according to his pop, “The Mexican Monster” will never get what he wants.

“To be honest, I don’t think it’s going to happen,” Benavidez Sr said to Fight Hub TV of a Canelo-Benavidez fight. “Canelo doesn’t want anything to do with David. Every time he comes with all the excuses all the time, but look who he wants to fight. He wants to fight [Jaime] Munguia, he wants to fight [Jermall] Charlo. I don’t see Canelo fighting David. He’ll do anything or his team will do anything to stay away from David. Now you see he said that he’s a king, he’ll do whatever he wants, he’ll do whatever he wants with the commissions. I’m just praying to God that the commissions be fair to everybody. I mean, David is a mandatory, you know, they supposed to strip him in March if he didn’t make [the fight] with David.”

Don’t go expecting any governing body to strip Canelo of any of his 168 pound titles if he doesn’t fight Benavidez. As Benavidez Sr says, Canelo can do whatever Canelo wants to do. It’s not fair – and we fans really do want to see Canelo get it on with Benavidez – but Canelo’s superstar status affords him certain privileges. And a fight with Crawford is possible, much to the disgust of Benavidez Sr.

“I mean, the Canelo camp, Canelo team, Canelo era has turned into a circus, man……imagine us trying to fight Terence Crawford. Come on, bro. It’s a little guy, man,” Benavidez Sr said. “He’s good, my respects to Terence Crawford, but these guys are too big, man. It’s a circus.”

So, what will Benavidez’s next move be? According to his dad, the 27 year old, in-his-prime warrior will fight again in either May, June, or July. And Benavidez Sr said his son isn’t fussy about who he fights.

“They gave me a list of fighters, I said, ‘anybody, whoever, it doesn’t matter, whoever wants to jump in let’s make it happen.’” Benavidez Sr said.

So will Canelo “duck” Benavidez, yes or no?

Again, we fans really do crave seeing this fight, and Canelo, 60-2-2(39) knows so. Let’s see who Canelo chooses for his next fight.


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