Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez remains undefeated with impressive win against Moris Rodriguez

Photo by Michael Boykin Sr. – Pochiro Boxing and Right Hook Promotions presented an exciting fight card with “Throw Down at Sam’s Town II” Friday night. It was no secret who the crowd favorite was, Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez hands down. Fans booed Moris Rodriguez coming into the ring. Chuy walked in to a parade of wild fans and his camp waving the Right Hook Promotions banner loud and proud, his confidence was through the roof.

The first few rounds were interesting, Chuy hung on the ropes letting Moris tire himself out. Coming to the end of the second round Chuy knocked Moris’ mouthpiece clearly outside the ring and worked him over until he was saved by the bell. Chuy dominated the fight with his left, literally knocking the smile off Moris face, even almost knocking his braids on his head loose. Moris took as many blows Chuy could give but he returned his own combinations that let everyone know that Chuy was not going to win by luck or ease.

By the sixth round both fighters were getting weak but it was clear Chuy was the aggressor and Moris was hanging on and coming back for more. Coming to the end of the fight there was nothing but sweat and bobble heads, both fighters exchanged a massive combination of uppercuts and jabs. But Chuy got hype knowing it was coming to an end he began to beat Moris like he stole his jewelry or something. No one thought Moris would last 5 rounds with Chuy let alone the entire 8, fans were impressed with his heart and iron chin because Chuy is a very heavy hitter.

The co-main event was very entertaining and just as exciting as the main event. Leon Spinks III fought Wilberth Lopez with is grandfather, Zab Judah and Sugar Shane Mosley looking on. The fight started upbeat with lots of dancing by Spinks while he taunted his opponent and took a few candid pictures for the cameras. Spinks started out very strong but his finish was more humiliating than humbling for this young fighter. Fans teased him during the fight about talking so much trash going in to the fight and but by the second round his left eye began to swell and his confidence went out the window.

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Both fighters were taking and giving a fair exchange of hits but it was clear going into the third round that Spinks was going down because the fight began to look more like a sparring session. He was saved by the bell near the end of the fifth but came back in the sixth light on his feet but was not match for Lopez strength. Spinks was on and off the ropes even hitting the mat for a count, but he fought till the bitter end pound for pound making this one of the most exciting and tense fights fans have seen in a long time. In the end Spinks lost to Lopez by majority decision and both fighters were awarded an additional $500 for putting up such a good match.

In the preliminary bouts for the night another great fight between Wesley Capper from Australia and Rashawn McCain. Capper had fans laughing and joking coming into the fight with his comical dance and pin wheel hat, but by the end of the fight they were to their feet ready to carry him out the ring on their shoulders. Everyone expected McCain to win because he wasn’t flashy or clowning around but he knocked McCain out in about three minutes of the second round.

Sergio Lopez of Pochiro Boxing Club defeated Santos Vasquez in the four round match up. Yoshigey Ramirez won a unanimous decision against Mario Gaxiola making this his first win in his professional career. James Walos and Enrique Montes four round match ended in a draw. Pochiro Boxing plans to host its next boxing event at Sam’s Town, stay tuned for show dates.