Jarrell Miller Insults Joshua & Hearn, Vows To Destroy Dubois

By Vladimir S - 11/16/2023 - Comments

Jarrell Miller: “I’m going to hit Eddie Hearn with a body shot sooner or later.”

In an interview with IFL TV, Jarrell Miller does not hold back in expressing his disdain for Anthony Joshua and promoter Eddie Hearn. Miller also talks about his upcoming fight with Daniel Dubois in Sauda Arabia.

Miller is quite straightforward and harsh in his opinion about Joshua, using strong language to express his contempt:

“Oh yeah, [Joshua’s] a punk. You got to understand when somebody’s a punk, and he’s so used to everybody kissing his ass, it’s easy to rile him up. In my school, people talk shit growing up all the time; it’s kind of brush it off. But him, when you a sucker and you’re a posh, it’s easy getting under a guy’s skin like that when you run into a real deal bully like me. You can’t take it, and that’s what happens every time. And guess what, if it was a street fight, I’d whoop his ass even twice as worse if it was in the boxing ring. So he doesn’t want those problems, trust me.”

On Eddie Hearn:

Miller’s animosity extends to promoter Eddie Hearn as well, though he doesn’t go into specifics as he does with Joshua:

“We had a brief talk, you know what I’m trying to say. I tell him if you want to say something to me, you can say it to my face. You don’t got to get on camera and then be disrespectful, take things behind my back, and when in front of my face, you play that nonchalant, you know what I mean. But he has that hypocritical attitude about Eddie Hearn; you can watch a lot of his interviews. So let’s see, let’s see what happens after this fight, and maybe one day we got to bump into each other, if not, I’m going to hit Eddie with a body shot sooner or later.”

Jarrell Miller shares his thoughts on Daniel Dubois’ performance against Oleksandr Usyk and what it means for their upcoming fight. Here are Miller’s comments on that topic:

“Daniel [Dubois] coming off a loss against Usyk… I think he did great. I think he did great, to the point that he quit, you know what I mean, he got stopped by a jab. You know we see that with Daniel Dubois, if he works his game plan for a couple of rounds and it doesn’t work, he starts to get hit, he crumbles.”

Miller’s quote reflects his critical assessment of Dubois’ resilience and adaptability in the ring, especially in challenging situations like the fight against Usyk. This insight reveals Miller’s perspective on Dubois’ weaknesses, which he seems poised to exploit in their upcoming bout.

Miller’s Take on Livening Up the Press Conference

Jarrell Miller recognizes his role in energizing a rather lackluster press conference. He discusses his approach to not overdo his presence while acknowledging his ongoing tensions with fellow heavyweights Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

“The press conference is boring, and I already knew that…there was a lot more I wanted to say but I don’t need to oversell it, you know what I’m trying to say? I don’t want to be obnoxious, you know everybody knows me, Deontay got beef, everybody knows me, AJ got beef.”

Miller shares his perception of a silent, respectful understanding between him and Wilder, hinting at a kind of solidarity as American fighters in the global boxing scene.

“But you know, Deontay being American, I feel like it’s me and him versus everybody else right now, and he gave me kind of… it’s like you can see silent respect without even nothing being said.”

His Perspective on the Upcoming Fight with Daniel Dubois

“He’s [Daniel Dubois] that guy… it wasn’t the guy we wanted ‘cuz we had Manuel Charr going make me a world champion by knocking him out, but Daniel Dubois has to do, and I’ll take it. So come December 23rd, I’m putting his lights out.”

Expressing surprise at Dubois’ team’s decision to take him on, Miller questions their strategy, given his own fighting style and record.

“I’m surprised, you know… like I said before, you know, Chisora was the original guy they reached out to me for, and I said hell yeah, and when he said no, I told you, I mean Chisora, take the damn fight… Dubois stepped up, but I really believe that the people in Daniel’s Corner made him take this fight, and it’s a bad call ‘cuz I’mma whoop his ass.”

On Future Fights and Contractual Plans

Miller discusses his future in boxing, including his promotional contracts and his aspirations for big fights post his current commitments.

“I have two fights under my current promotional contract then I’m a free agent from there… once I’m done with my obligation, two more contracts, I’m looking for a bigger and better deal to take my career to the next level.”

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