Jake Paul Says He Wants To See How Hard Mike Tyson Hits – “Mike, I Really Want To See, Bro”

By James Slater - 03/23/2024 - Comments

Jake Paul says he wants to find out up close and personal how hard Mike Tyson hits; the 58 year old version, that is. We all know the peak Tyson would have vaporised Paul in a few seconds; heck, even the way past his best but still lethal version of “Iron Mike,” say from 2000 to 2005, would have taken Paul out.

But today, at age 58 come fight night, after having enjoyed a major weed habit for so long, with Tyson suffering from sciatica…… We just don’t know how much Tyson has left. But Paul says he honestly wants to find out how much punching power Tyson has retained.

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Speaking on his B/S with Jake Paul podcast, the 27 year old YouTuber says he himself has an “iron chin” and it can “take shots.”

“This is definitely the toughest, most savage, lethal opponent (of my career) – regardless of age, because power is the last thing to go,” Paul said of Tyson. “I want to see how hard he hits. Mike, I really want to see, bro. Let’s see all the legends, the myths, because you’re ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson – but I have an iron chin. People know that. I take shots. So I think people are underestimating that me being able to deal with his power, and that is something that is going to make it interesting. I’m excited. I literally can’t wait to look across the ring and see him and give him a f*****g death stare.”

A lot of how the July fight will go will depend on how much Tyson is willing to give Paul in terms of the power he still has. For if Tyson shows up with bad intentions firmly on his mind, and IF he has retained even 30-percent of the firepower he had in his prime, then Tyson will likely flatten Paul quickly. And at his age, Tyson will have to do it quickly lest he run out of gas. If, on the other hand, Tyson shows up in a chilled, ‘I’ll take some easy money by moving around and giving a show’ frame of mind, then Paul will stick around, perhaps even winning the bout on points.

Much has been written and said about this upcoming fight, and the majority of stuff put out there have been pretty negative. Some say Paul is taking advantage of an old man in Tyson, and that he should know better. Others, Tyson’s legion of fans, say the former heavyweight king will only need to hit Jake with one or two hard and accurate shots and it will be lights out.

Paul says he wants to find out how much power Tyson has got left. So do all those fans who will be tuning in to watch the fight on Netflix.

What do you guys think – will Tyson pull his punches, will he not pull his punches? Or is the current version of Tyson all out of bullets?

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