What Next For Jaime Munguia? De La Hoya Says Canelo “Got Schooled Then Became Face Of Boxing”

By James Slater - 05/05/2024 - Comments

Jaime Munguia went from prep school to university last night in challenging Canelo Alvarez. And though Munguia failed to come home with a degree in winning, he earned a degree in learning. So says his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy boss – who engaged in a nasty, genuine and bitter feud with Canelo in the run-up to last night’s fight – gave both winner and loser credit after last night’s entertaining tussle in Las Vegas.

De La Hoya spoke about the way Canelo “was schooled” when he fought and lost to Floyd Mayweather, with Canelo bouncing back in time and becoming “the face of boxing.” Oscar says Munguia, now 43-1(34), can do the same thing.

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“I thought Jaime did excellent against the current face of boxing right now,” De La Hoya said of Munguia and his effort against Canelo. “I take nothing away from Canelo, I’ve always said he is a good fighter in the ring. But this experience for Jaime will take him to a new level. It’s just like Mayweather and Canelo, same thing. Canelo got schooled then he became the face of boxing, a good fighter. Same thing with Munguia, he didn’t get schooled but he gains experience and becomes a better fighter so this is just the beginning for Jaime.”

It’s true that Canelo, at age 23, took a humbling yet learning defeat at the hands of Mayweather back in 2013, a loss that could have/would have broken and demoralised a lesser fighting man. Canelo did come back stronger though, lesson – or lessons – learned. Now, at age 27, Munguia has to show us all he can do the same thing. But can he do it?

Munguia showed a lot last night in defeat: a good chin, heart, desire, and the fact that he feels at home on the big stage. And of course, Munguia has plenty of time on his side in which to launch a rebuild. Munguia may well fight again this year, and with his profile now bigger due to last night’s big fight, we fans will be eager to see who he fights in phase-one of his first-ever comeback.

A return fight with Sergiy Derevyanchenko would certainly appeal, the first fight between these two, back in June of last year, being a real thriller. While Munguia against guys like Edgar Berlanga, Caleb Plant or maybe Christian Mbilli would also be great to see.

Munguia did well last night, even though he didn’t do enough to win (one judge did have Munguia losing by just three points, however), and his future is bright. Munguia still has the time, and seemingly the talent, to become the next Mexican star. If Munguia can bounce back from his first taste of defeat the way Canelo did, who knows, De La Hoya may be proven right when he says that this is “just the beginning” for the man from Tijuana.

Who doesn’t want to see Munguia fight again?