Kambosos Jr: They’re trying to deny my undisputed”

By Jeff Sorby - 06/01/2022 - Comments

George Kambosos Jr. was up in arms on Tuesday, complaining about how some in the media are failing to acknowledge that he’s the undisputed lightweight champion from his victory over Teofimo Lopez last November.

Many boxing fans & members of the media say that Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs) is one title belt away from being undisputed champion at 135 because his WBC Franchise belt isn’t one that normally can be fought over.

It’s a title that the World Boxing Council created for popular fighters to enable them to pick & choose the best fights. As such, Kambosos still needs to defeat WBC champion Devin Haney on Sunday for him to become undisputed in the true sense.

It’s not going to be easy for the unbeaten Kambosos to beat Haney (27-0, 15 KOs) because he’s one of the most skillful defensive fighters in the 135-lb division.

Devin and Vasyl Lomachenko are heads above the other opposition in the defensive skills department. Although Haney can be hurt when he’s looking to mix it up, he’s nearly impossible to hit when he’s focusing on his defense.

“They’re trying to deny my undisputed. It’s giving me extra motivation,” said Kambosos to Fighthype. “I get to show my people in Australia the full undisputed.

“You can call me two times after this because I already got it. They try to deny me because of this half-piece [WBC title held by Haney] this guy has got. We’ll do it again on June 5th.

“We always said that we had a plan. Get the belts, bring them back, and do a mega-stadium fight. I’m looking forward to a great day on June 5th.

“We all handle our business on June 5th. Everybody has talked about Devin making the trip all the way to Australia, and everybody has got the violin out for him and the parading him.

“What have I been doing for the last five years? This guy is getting a shot at all the belts. I’m the one that had to go and beat Teofimo Lopez. I had to get these belts. Of course, I had so many issues trying to make that fight.

“I’m giving him [Haney] a shot. He’s getting millions of dollars, and then turn around and make it out like it’s a slave deal. That’s a load of bull s***.

“You’re getting big money, more money than you’ve ever seen. What because you traveled one trip? All of a sudden we should feel sorry for you?

“I’ve been doing it for five years in seven or eight different countries back to back, fighting for peanuts, fighting to get my shot, waiting.

“In my last fight, I went overseas to the hometown of Teofimo Lopez to take them belts off him. They can say what they want. Whatever he’s done, I was doing it five years ago.

“I’m doing it the hard way, and that confidence and character that I built over those hard years. I’ve seen it and been through it all, and I know what to do on June 5th.

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