Freddie Roach says his former charge Amir Khan can upset Mayweather!

The fight has still not been announced as official yet, but most boxing people seem to think superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior WILL do as expected and next fight British star Amir Khan. Boxing fans are waiting patiently for Mayweather’s announcement, and maybe over the Super Bowl weekend, Floyd will put an end to any and all speculation.

But one man has a very good idea of what will transpire in the ring if Mayweather does indeed fight Khan on May 3rd: Khan’s former trainer Freddie Roach. Roach was a guest on Sky Sports’ Ringside: Toe to Toe podcast this week and he said he feels his former pupil can cause the shock and upset Mayweather “if he fights the correct fight.”

“That’s not an easy fight,” Roach said of Mayweather Vs. Khan. “I’ve always said Amir has the right style to beat Floyd if he fights correctly and doesn’t stay in the pocket too long. I always thought he could beat him with his speed. I think he’s faster than Mayweather and that’s what it takes to beat him. Floyd might have his hands full on the night.”

If Roach were still working with Khan, it’s likely a number of fans would say Freddie was being biased in giving Khan such a good chance of victory, yet Roach has nothing to gain if Khan does take away Mayweather’s perfect record. Many fans insist the would-be match-up is nothing more than a mismatch and an easy night’s work for Mayweather. But, as the emblem on the T-shirt goes: “Freddie Knows!”

Needles to say, it would be an enormous upset if Khan were to defeat the 45-0 master.