Frank Warren dissapointed regarding the WBA’s decision on the Usyk vs. Dubois fight

By Vladimir S - 10/17/2023 - Comments

Decisions can sometimes leave you swinging in the wind, feeling like you’ve taken a low blow that wasn’t even, well, low. Legendary boxing promoter Frank Warren threw some heavy punches of disappointment regarding the WBA’s decision on the Usyk vs. Dubois fight, expressing frustration over what seems like a blatant oversight. Speaking to Boxing Social, Warren said:

“I’m disappointed. They haven’t even considered what our complaint was. What they came back with doesn’t even address it,” Warren lamented, referring to the referee’s lack of specific instructions and the generous rest time allotted to Usyk, which Warren contested vehemently.

The future might seem a bit murky for Daniel Dubois, but Warren’s not throwing in the towel just yet. Despite the setback, there’s still fire in the belly, especially with Dubois recovering from a tonsillectomy. The big question hangs – what’s next for this powerhouse puncher?

“We will appeal,” affirmed Warren, his strategy unwavering even when the next steps for Dubois are on hold until his health bounces back.

The Big Question: Zhang vs Wilder?

Warren: “Zhilei Zhang vs Deontay Wilder? That’s a great fight. I wouldn’t have a problem making that fight. Zhang’s with us, and he’s made a respectable impact. At the moment, he’s mandatory for the WBO division title.”

With the many discussions surrounding potential contenders for Deontay Wilder, the name Zhilei Zhang pops up consistently. But, with all these speculations, how close are we to actually witnessing this fight?

Warren: “There’s a lot to do. Zhang is currently the mandatory for the WBO version of the title, so he’ll be keen to get his shot at the title. We’ll see what unfolds.”

Warren acknowledges that there are various factors at play, which might influence the timeline of this important bout. When probed further about the WBO and potential fights:

“The fight is signed between Tyson and Usyk, and that’s got priority over everything. So, it’s too early to set a date. But, mandatories will be called sometime next year.”

A Quick Jab at Entertainment Boxing

Switching gears, Warren also had a two cents on the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight, a spectacle that, for true boxing fans, perhaps lacked the technical knockout allure associated with more serious bouts.

“It was what it was. A six-round fight that wasn’t exciting by any shape or form,” Warren commented dryly, possibly imagining the fighters wearing clown noses and oversized gloves for a bit more entertainment value.

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