Former Champ Acelino Freitas Returns To Crush Kleber Bambam In A Round In Brazil

By James Slater - 02/26/2024 - Comments

A “fight” that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil over the weekend has generated quite a few views/hits on the net, the exhibition bout between former two-weight world champion Acelino Freitas and bodybuilder Kleber Bambam ending quickly…..and not at all prettily. 48 year old “Popo,” almost unrecognisable from his fighting heyday, with him being much overweight, still had far too much of everything for the out of his depth Bambam, who reportedly tipped-in at the 198 pound mark.

Freitas, who had his last “real” fight back in 2017 but has boxed a couple of other exhibition bouts since them, dropped his former friend with a left hand early in the first round, and “PoPo” then ended the farce with a flurry of shots that forced Bambam to turn his back, complaining about a rabbit punch from Freitas.

It was all over in around a minute flat; the grudge, whatever it was between the two men, now settled. A pretty big crowd turned up in Sao Paulo to watch this, the card also featuring some musical acts and a number of MMA bouts. And whatever else fans took from the main event, it’s clear a fighter never loses his punch. Freitas was a great one in his day, as we know.

Freitas, 41-2(34) thrilled us in epic fights with the likes of Joel Casmayor, Jorge Rodrigo Barrios, Diego Corrales and others. Freitas held the WBO super featherweight title from August of 1999 to August of 2003, with him also winning the WBA belt in January of 2002. While Freitas moved up to win the WBO lightweight title in January of 2004, with him eventually becoming a two-time WBO champ at 135 pounds.

Only “Chico” and Juan Diaz ever managed to defeat Freitas. It remains to be seen if the 48 year old (possible future Hall of Famer) engages in further exhibition bouts. But to be pretty blunt about it, let’s hope not. Let us remember Freitas as he was when he was one of the best fighters in the world. And one of the most exciting.