Floyd Mayweather to fight John Gotti III In June

By James Slater - 04/27/2023 - Comments

The Mayweather Exhibition Tour Doesn’t Figure To End Any Time Soon

The Floyd Mayweather exhibition tour doesn’t look as though it will grind to a halt any time soon; this despite the fact that his most recent exhibition bout, against Aaron Chalmers in London a couple of months back, proved to be one huge flop. Mayweather, who injured his hand in the Chalmers bout, put the fact that he performed in front of an almost empty O2 Arena down to the fact that tickets went on sale too close to the event.

Now, in a twist that absolutely nobody could have possibly seen coming, Mayweather will face – get this….. the grandson of a notorious mafia crime lord in his next exhibition show. To be announced officially at a presser later today, the exhibition dubbed “Last Name Matters” will go down in Sunrise, Florida on June 11. Details, such as weight, number of rounds, and, above all, PPV and ticket prices, will be announced today.

So who will the former “Pretty Boy” Floyd fight on June 11? One John Gotti III, grandson of “Teflon Don” John Gotti, that’s who. Criminal, you might say (groan). But aside from being related to the man who was the leader of the infamous Gambino crime family and who was one of the most dangerous men in America in the 1980s and 1990s, can Gotti III fight?

Well, yes, he can. Having fought in both MMA (5-1 record) and boxing, (2-0 record), the 30 year old Gotti III is coming off a KO win in boxing. Obviously, Gotti has nothing like the sheer boxing experience Mayweather has – and this, the latest bout in “Money’s” seemingly endless exhibition tour will doubtless get a ton of criticism, just as Mayweather’s previous exhibition gigs have – but this “fight” will no doubt be hyped up from a different angle.

Fans of gangster movies may be more likely to tune in for this one than actual boxing fans! But how many tickets will Mayweather Vs. Gotti shift? Was the Mayweather-Chalmers flop a flop because it took place in the UK, where fight fans are perhaps less enamoured with the Mayweather name? Or was it because, as Mayweather said, the promoters dropped the ball in placing the tickets on sale too late? Or, have all fans had enough of Mayweather’s exhibition bouts and might the next one flop too?

Mayweather is still getting paid, he’s still performing, and he’s still winning (although some of the exhibitions do not announce a winner at the conclusion of the bout). Is this latest instalment an offer you can’t refuse (groan)?