Floyd Mayweather Lists The Best Fighter He Faced, And The Roughest!

Whether you love him or hate him, there is absolutely no denying the fact that Floyd Mayweather Jr fought an incredible number of great fighters during his long career. Mayweather met and defeated excellent fighters, great fighters, such as – Diego Corrales (for many, this was Floyd’s finest win/performance), Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao.

And of course, Floyd is perfect at 50-0. Whether he’s “T.B.E” as he claims he is, well, that’s up to you. But in terms of who is the best fighter he ever faced, Mayweather says Manny Pacquiao is the man. Appearing on the ‘Million Dollaz Worth Of Game’ podcast, the 44 year old great said Pac-Man was the best he ever shared a ring with.

“The best fighter I ever fought probably was Manny Pacquiao,” Mayweather said. “It’s because of his movement. He’s a hell of a fighter and I can see why he won so many fights and I can see why he’s going down as a Hall of Famer. It’s just certain moves he makes.”

It was, as we know, a dull affair when Mayweather and Pacquiao finally fought each other, this in the so called “Fight of the Century” in May of 2015. Mayweather won a wide yet boring decision. Still, at least the two did fight, even if it was far too late. As for the roughest guy he ever fought, Mayweather points to Emmanuel Augustus, “The Drunken Master.” This was a far more exciting fight, won by Floyd via ninth-round TKO back in October of 2000.

“The roughest fighter probably was a guy named Emmanuel Augustus. The ‘Drunken Master’ was tough,” Mayweather said. “He was just tough. Miguel Cotto was very, very physically strong.”

Augustus is one quite legendary figure. Retiring in 2011 with a 38-34-6 (20) record, Augustus (born Emmanuel Burton) fought so many names, including – Mickey Ward, John John Molina, Leavander Johnson, David Diaz, Ray Oliveira and Ruslan Provodnikov Nobody quite fought like Augustus, hence his unusual nickname. Augustus survived a bullet in the head, shot as he was in 2014. Truly an amazing fighter and person.

It’s great that Floyd gives Augustus his props all these years after having fought him.

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  1. Jeff, Mayweather got beat easily by Castillo in that 1st fight; highway robbery! He likes to fight fighters on the downside…Moselyl, Delahoya, Pa cquiao, etc. How does a KICK BOXER count on his record? Mayweather now fights Kick boxers, Japanese Midgets, YouTube comedians and other assorted bums that have no chance of winning. He wants no part of Pac Man now because he has been great! Manny would beat that boring bum…running and holding, is his game! Am I a FM hater? YOU BETCHA! I HAVE MY REASONS AFTER I MET THAT COWARD. THAT JERK NEEDS TO FIGHT A GOOD BOXER, NOT CIRCUS ACTS!

  2. Mayweather did not win by a wide margin. Compu box numbers were inflated. The fight was much closer than people realize and if you rewatch the fight and see the punches landed vs missed. Then Pacquiao shouldve won.

  3. Mr Terence Daniels, so you think Mayweather would have beaten Duran, S R Leonard, Hearns and Hagler do you?? Jesus man, the fact you even put Hagler into your statement shows that you know absolutely nothing about boxing. The heaviest Floyd fought at was Welterweight but Hagler fought at Middleweight, 2 weight classes heavier. Just size alone would have made that fight a mis-match let alone the fact that Hagler was a bad ass animal at that weight and an all time great. Come on man, your statement was ridiculous. Then you mention Sugar Ray Leonard tiring late in fights, yeah right…….just ask Tommy Hearns if he thought Ray tired late. You never even considered what Leonard could do in the early to mid rounds even if your comment was true. Ray was faster, better footwork and hit with much more spite than Mayweather ever could. Dude, Ray would destroy Floyd at Welterweight. Now, let’s take into account Duran who you just flippantly say Floyd would beat. Do you know anything about Duran??? My guess would be a big fat NO!! Remember Tyson in his prime?? Well Duran at Lightweight was the equivalent if not scarier……the best description I could give to describe Duran at Lightweight is he was like Pac (Pacquiao) on crack. Never stopped punching mate, he would hit you anywhere and not give a s#@t dude. At Lightweight he would give Floyd a beating he would never come EVER come back from. Now, finally Hearns, the guy was 6ft 1in and had a right hand probably better than Deontay Wilder it was like an exocet missile just look at his ko of Duran dude it was scary. Tommy’s left hook to the body wasn’t far behind either. Dimensions alone would make this a fight could never win. Don’t forget, despite his fearsome punching Tommy could box brilliantly also, just ask Sugar Ray Leonard, he had his head boxed off by Hearns for 13 rds dude before Tommy got tired. Hearns would have an 8inch reach advantage against Floyd he could and would jab Mayweather’s head off easily all night long. The only way Floyd could win the fight would be to get inside Tommy’s jab and shorten the distance but that would be suicide because Tommy would take his head off with the right hand. Tommy would be Floyds worst nightmare, don’t matter how many times I’ve played this fight in my head it ALWAYS ends with the GOAT flat out on the canvas twitching inside 4rds. Dude, before you make comments look up what these other fighter could do or ultimately risk making yourself look like you know absolutely know nothing as you have.

  4. Castillo, Maidana deserve a tie at least in their fight with mayrunner. Mayrunners record should be 49 fights cause he really didn’t fight a boxer in mcgregor. In fact finito lopez had more wins and fights than mayrunner.

    • I agree Castillo beat Floyd. However, Maidona lost to Mayweather. But, I gave De La Hoya a draw ( a fighter Bum Floyd let age).

  5. My knock on Mayweather is he didn’t fight alot of his better opponents in there prime Hopkins,Jones, Pacquiao to name a few turned 40 before he would negotiate the fight. And early in his career he lost but due to the sanctions of the title fight saved him. The doctor stopped the fight (supposedly poked in the eye) it wasn’t a loss. IMO he’s a really good dancer.

  6. If you go through Floyd’s list of opponents and match them up with a comparable great from the 80″s you will see Floyd’s opponents were actually better than those guys from the 80’s. For example Canelo vs. Duran, Manny vs. Pryor, Corrales vs. Hearns, Cotto vs. Arguello, Dela Hoya vs. Benitez, Moseley vs. Leonard, Maidens vs. Hagler. Great fights all across the board. There is not a difference in talent if anything the 80’s talent is worse. You can go through and match them up any way you want and Floyd’s opponents are probably better than the 80’s fighters.

    • Floyd is making up for it now fighting Circus Acts! Let that bum fight Pac Man now??? Of course not; Manny has been doing well. Let Manny lose a fight And watch him call out Manny. Castillo whipped him good in their 1st fight, 8 rounds to 4!

    • What about Castillo fight one..
      I felt Castillo won that fight..
      Meriwether was worried at the end.

  7. When you say Floyd couldn’t win in the 80’s you are just showing your age. Floyd beat alot of great fighters. Look at the list slowly. Everyone looked good until they fought Floyd. Give the man the credit he deserves.

    • May weather never made the match ups when the fighters were at their best… that will always go against him when comparing against the best of the 80s

    • All these 80’s guys weren’t in their prime either when they fought each other. That is boxing. Some guys are on their way in others are on their way out.

  8. GOAT.. I don’t care what any of these comments say… in order to become a champ you have to beat the champ.. and if you can’t do that, then you’re not worthy enough to be the champ.. it don’t matter who you lined up in front of him, he won every time.. period.. and if u cant outbox him, or even get to him, then thats that.. its a points game with judges.. do the math.. GOAT


  9. Floyd is lucky he’d never fought in the Golden Era of the 80’s against legends of Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Benitez, Pryor, Arguello. First of all he’d never had the nerve to climb in the ring with them, and wise on his part, he couldn’t beat any of them. And that’s fine, Floyd Jr is always quick to respond with “they’re entitled to their opinions… I beat 19 world champions, I never lost… I made more money”… then fails to admit, he was very strategic WHEN he fought guys like Mosley, Cotto, making each of them wait years until they’d had a few too many wars. Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran had 9 fights JUST amongst themselves. They could care less about a “0”. They were the best of the best who fought the best of the best, as often as needed. That’s what makes Legends.

    • Exactly, on him not fighting in the 80s against Leonard Hagler Duran Hearns Benitez Pryor and Arguello.
      He stalled around Several years to fight Pacman which likely saved that 0 because Pacman was well past his prime by the time he finally stepped in against him. Plus had the rotator cuff tear. Pacman in his prime was right there in that Elite group from the 80s.
      And would’ve fixed that ‘0’….

    • He would’ve beat Hagler he was flat foot he was easy to hit he would’ve easy won the fight by landslide in 12 rounds or 15 because he train for 15 or more rounds Duran he would’ve beat also he would’ve beat Ray because he got tired later in rounds. He would need to stay away from Tommy because of his power punching other than that he wins in 12 rounds if he box. Julian Jackson problem terry norris would’ve been a serious problem for money may arron p could’ve beat money may but unfortunately they are not boxing so the only thing that people can say is he didn’t fight anyone or he would’ve have made pass certain boxers well its to late for that try again

  10. Its great he gave Pac-Man his props after all these years. This article neglected to mention Manny had a torn rotary cup. (Dislocated shoulder) Had surgery immediately after the fight. Mayweather told Pac-Man’s team if he doesn’t fight he won’t get another shot. PAC -Man took the payday. A unofficial fix. Manny a all around nice guy. Floyd trashed talked him for year’s and won’t admit he knew his rotary was torn. All it mattered was he won. No rematch. But he gave the guy who beat up Broner a rematch after he said he was, “A real dirty fighter.” Almost lost that first fight. They offered him over a hundred million for a rematch and he priced himself out. That will always leave a tarnish on his legacy.

    • No such thing money may use the time and everything to beat him he is very smart fighter

  11. I believe Mayweather’s toughest fight was Midona because he brought everything and left everything in the ring against Mayweather.

    • I believe Mayweathers toughest fight was against Louis Castillo. He was rough, tough, and very aggressive in the ring. Not to mention a lot of people thought Mayweather lost the first fight. Me personally, I thought it was a draw.

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