Eubank Jr still calling out Golovkin!

He lost out on a September 10 date with middleweight king Gennady Golovkin, reportedly because he failed to sign the contract in time, but that doesn’t mean Chris Eubank Junior is in any mood to be quiet. Eubank Jr says he “never saw a contract” and he wasted no time in rubbishing the GGG-Kell Brook fight. And Eubank Jr has again called out Golovkin.

Via his official Twitter page, Eubank Jr, the reigning British middleweight champ, again belittled the September 10 fight and challenged Triple-G to a “real fight.”

“GGG when you’re done with child’s play, I’m ready & waiting to take those belts off you in a REAL fight. Oh & I’m in the same weight class as you so it will be fair #Fraud #Say no to bullying,” Eubank Jr wrote.

So, what kind of nerve has Eubank got! The September fight was his for the taking (although again, Eubank disagrees, insisting he wanted the fight but wasn’t shown the contract) and he blew it (or his father did, depending on your view). Now here he is, daring to call GGG a fraud and a bully! Astonishing. Promoter Eddie Hearn did say after the GGG-Brook fight was announced that Eubank Jr could fight the winner – but will Hearn and all those involved be willing to go through what was said to be a hugely hard and frustrating negotiations period with the Eubanks all over again?

Eubank Jr, a good fighter, has been working on the pads with Floyd Mayweather Senior in Las Vegas and it will be interesting to see what his next move will be as far as who he fights next – or will Eubank Jr remain out of the ring as he waits for a shot at the September 10 winner? Eubank, both father and son, did a great job in getting fans interested in whether or not Junior could give Golovkin a good fight, only for the intriguing match-up to fall apart.

Will fight fans be willing to listen to Eubank Jr all over again? Maybe he should do it the old fashioned way and earn a shot at a world title?