Donald Trump and Don King hold bizarre impromptu press conference – “Only in America!”

It’s no secret that Don King is, and has for a long time been, a Donald Trump supporter. The two larger than life public figures have a mutual admiration for one another and yesterday, in an impromptu presser that has to rank as one of the most bizarre even in the world according to Trump, the two faced a stunned media gathering in Florida.

Okay, this isn’t really a boxing story, but with not too much going on in the sport at this time of year, the Trump, King get together is at least interesting. The two men, without much warning, surprising those few reporters on the scene at Trump’s luxurious Mar-a-Lago club in sunshine Florida, appeared on a staircase and answered questions. Throughout the short session, King – who waved his customary US flag, as well as an Israeli flag – repeated his famous “Only in America” slogan, as well as Trump’s catchphrase “Make America Great Again.”

The subject of boxing of course never came up, but King, with his close alliance with the next President of his country, showed again how much power and influence he still holds. King is certainly not as active in boxing as his one-time rival Bob Arum (who is of course NO fan of Trump) but he is far from finished. Just imagine what King and Trump – a one-time boxing promoter himself – spoke about behind closed doors!

King may have some big shows planned before he’s finished, while Trump is busy planning his inauguration speech and putting together his cabinet (maybe he will find a role for King!) Trump has also met with superstar Floyd Mayweather, who is also reported to be an admirer of the President-elect, and the meeting with King and the subsequent presser just go to show how things have changed in the political world.

Back when he was serving time for manslaughter, even King – a man with an enormously fertile imagination – could never of dreamed of meeting a President and having dinner with him. Love him or loathe him (that’s King, not Trump) you have to admit that the greatest ever boxing promoter has led some fascinating life. And King’s still not done.