Charr Destroys Christopher Lovejoy With Second Round KO

Tonight in Cologne, Germany, Manuel Charr scored an easy second round KO win over previously unbeaten heavyweight puncher Christopher Lovejoy. Charr, holder of a version of the WBA heavyweight title and having his first fight since November of 2017, trapped the 306 pound Lovejoy in a corner and blazed away with a volley of shots that dropped the Las Vegas based 37 year old. Lovejoy dropped to the mat and was counted out. Time was 1:09 of round 2.

Charr, the younger man by a year, is now 32-4(18). Lovejoy loses his unbeaten record in falling to 19-1(19).

Going into tonight’s fight, fans wondered how much Charr had left, while at the same time we wondered how good the vocal Lovejoy really was; if he could fight at all. Now we know. Sort of. We know Lovejoy, who compiled his impressive looking pro ledger by feasting on limited fighters with poor records, is no threat to anyone at world level. Yet at the same time, we don’t really know how much Charr has left. How much did “Diamond Boy’s” win prove tonight?

Lovejoy can now be expected to disappear from view. Lovejoy had earned something of a reputation as a big puncher, a man who would make the most of things if he got a big opportunity. Instead, Lovejoy is a man who is a far better talker than he is fighter. Charr, who says he now wants the big names of the division, was in far better physical condition heading into tonight’s fight – coming in at a little above the 245 pound mark – and, who knows, maybe he will get himself one more big fight before his career is over with.

Before tonight’s short fight, promoter Don King, who has a contract with Lovejoy, said he would sue Lovejoy if he went ahead with the Charr fight. Now, in light of his being taken out so quickly, it’s possible Lovejoy is wishing he had not gone through with the fight.

Lovejoy promised so much but in the end, he delivered precious little.