Can Tim Tszyu Become The First Man To KO Keith Thurman?

By James Slater - 01/29/2024 - Comments

While some fans are somewhat disappointed by the debut PBC show that will go out on Amazon Prime – the headline fight on the March 30th pay-per-view being a non-title catchweight fight between unbeaten upcoming star Tim Tszyu and the chronically inactive Keith Thurman – the Tsyzu-Thurman fight does at least carry some intrigue. Tszyu, who says he plans to “knock ’em all out, let them all squeal and feel it all,” as he fights in the US in his “Aussie takeover,” says he will become the first man to halt “One Time.”

Thurman, beaten only by living legend Manny Pacquiao, has faced punchers before, such as Pac-Man himself, Shawn Porter and one or two other guys. But…….Thurman has fought just three times since March of 2017. No wonder fans are asking why Thurman is being given such a big fight chance. Still, Thurman, 30-1-1 no contest (22 KO) is talking a good fight going into this one and the 35 year old has of course got a ton of experience.

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So, can the peaking, 29 year old Tszyu, currently 24-0(17) become the first man to stop the former welterweight champ? Tszyu says yes.

“In my mind, yes,” Tszyu said when asked in Australia before flying to the US if he feels he will KO Thurman. “I believe the next eight weeks and how I approach this camp, and the way I have been approaching this camp, that when I peak, I peak. And he will feel it. And he will feel that he’s never been in the ring with anyone like me.”

It would be quite a statement from Tszyu if he did KO Thurman, especially if the son of the great Kostya Tszyu (who sure made a huge impression on US fight fans in his day; his chilling icing of Zab Judah remaining a YouTube favourite) managed to blast Thurman out in spectacular fashion. Maybe it will happen, or maybe, just maybe, a fully healthy Thurman, his fire for combat back up to speed, will show the young fighter some tricks of the trade.

It would be an upset if Thurman derailed Tsyzu’s lofty plans, but this result cannot be written off. That said, the big question heading into this fight is indeed whether or not Tszyu can get Thurman out of there.

What say YOU – a Tszyu win or a Thurman win, and how?

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