Noel Mikaelian KOs Makabu, Guidry And Chaney Both Win By KO

11/05/2023 - By Amy A Kaplan - Comments

Don King’s “Only in America 92nd Celebration” at Casino Miami Jai Alai was nothing short of a boxing bonanza that delivered the kind of knockouts that’ll have you spilling your popcorn! The air was thick with anticipation, and the fighters didn’t just show up — they showed out, with fists flying faster than a New York minute.

Noel Mikaelian, Miami’s pride with Armenian spice and a German passport, has snatched the WBC Cruiserweight Championship like it was Black Friday at a designer store. Poor Ilunga Makabu from the Democratic Republic of Congo didn’t see it coming – one minute into the third round and bam, lights out! Mikaelian, coming in as numero uno contender, showed the crowd what a world title fight debut looks like, decking Makabu in the second and serving a punch buffet that the former champ just couldn’t digest.

Mikaelian reflected on his surprising early victory, “The knockout came sooner than I anticipated, but I was confident that victory was mine from the get-go. The feeling is incredible. After a two-year journey, I approached this fight with the determination to secure the championship without a shadow of a doubt.”

Regarding his training for the significant event, Mikaelian expressed, “The preparation was excellent. It’s an honor to be the first German since the legendary Max Schmelling to claim a World Championship in the United States after such a long stretch of 90 years.”

Louisiana’s Jonathan Guidry and Jesus Escalera gave us a first-round tango that had more twists than my last diet plan. Guidry, who clearly wasn’t there to play patty-cake, unleashed an overhand right in the second that sent Escalera to dreamland for a ten-count siesta, defending his NABA Gold Heavyweight title like it was his last piece of cheesecake.

Guidry, looking ahead, shared his perspective, “I’m eager to discover what challenges lie ahead. My recent fight had the ease of a training bout, and I will be in prime condition for my fight on December 2nd. I’ve consistently accepted the fights Don King has arranged for me, and that’s a testament to my status as a champion.”

On his opponent Escalera, Guidry commented, “I had anticipated a tougher opponent. Escalera is known for his danger in the ring, yet this evening, my performance clearly indicated I was on another level.”

Guidry also spoke about the support of his family, “Having my family by the ring is incredible. Their support is a constant source of motivation for me, and it was fantastic to have them present.”

The hits kept coming! Cassius Chaney, a towering force from Connecticut, turned the ring into his personal stage. After sizing up Trevor Bryan in the first round, Chaney dropped him faster than a hot potato with a savage uppercut. And just when we thought Bryan could recover, Chaney’s right hook at the bell was the nail in the coffin. By the seventh round, Chaney unleashed an uppercut from Hades, claiming the WBC Continental North American Championship and leaving us all wondering if we just witnessed the birth of a new heavyweight sensation.

Chaney, analyzing his fight with Bryan, stated, “Bryan struggled to evade my jab, which was quite good.”

Chaney elaborated on the significance of his knockout win, “This victory holds great importance. It’s been a challenging couple of years, but I’ve managed to remain positive. Assembling a team I trust and seizing the opportunity presented by Don King was pivotal.”

And on the boost to his confidence, Chaney said, “This is a major leap for my confidence because that knockout was a highlight moment. Initially, my goal was simply to win. However, after a push from my corner, I decided to be more aggressive with the overhand right. It was a calculated move, and he walked right into it.”

In the world of boxing, it’s nights like these that have us all giddy. It’s not just about the belts and the titles, it’s about the drama, the spectacle, and the sheer ‘I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened’ moments. And let me tell you, Don King may have 92 candles on his cake, but he sure knows how to throw a punch party that lights up the sky.