BoMac: “Spence has activated his rematch clause against Crawford. That’s confirmed!”

08/31/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

When Brian “BoMac” McIntyre, the trainer behind Terence Crawford and Chris Eubank Jr, speaks—people listen. I an interview with Pro Boxing Fans Bomac uncovers that Errol Spence has now activated his rematch clause against Crawford.

The Crawford-Spence Saga Continues!

“Spence activated his rematch, that’s confirmed, that’s confirmed but we don’t have a date and stuff like that yet. I’m hoping it happens before the end of the year.”

The boxing scene is euphoric with this latest confirmation. Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. are going toe-to-toe once more. The confirmation is out, but the date isn’t. Isn’t the uncertainty part of what makes boxing such a thrill?

Training a Boxer in Five Weeks: Reality or Fantasy?

“Well, you don’t try to change a fighter just try to bring the things out of them that he already knows. You know again, one-on-one boxing is real simple, just a small basic things.”

Are five weeks enough to get Eubank ready for the fight of his life? BoMac’s perspective is crystal clear. He argues that the essence of training isn’t about building a fighter from scratch, but rather about enhancing what’s already there. It’s an approach based on years of experience, but does it defy the traditional wisdom that more time equals better preparation?

Chris Eubank Jr.: The Rising Talent

“He’s up there, he’s right behind Terrence and and those guys. Well, there ain’t nobody get next to Terence, but he’s right behind Terrence as far as skill-wise and the work ethic-wise.”

With such high praise from BoMac, it’s clear that Chris Eubank Jr. is someone to watch. Given that BoMac has trained some of the best, where does that leave Eubank in the grand scheme of things?

A Show-Stopping Performance on the Horizon?

“Well after listening to Liam disrespect the team, he’s going to want to put out the performance of a lifetime.”

Crawford’s State of Affairs

BoMac reports that Crawford is in high spirits, having just celebrated with a parade in Colorado. While details are scant, one can’t help but wonder, does a happy fighter mean a successful fighter?

Gervonta Davis: A Genuine Challenge or Mere Banter?

“I don’t pay no attention to that, he’s too small like a 130-pounder. I don’t care about none of that.”

Gervonta Davis’s comments about wanting to take on Crawford were downplayed by BoMac. Is Davis merely a small fry in this equation, or is his challenge one that could someday turn heads?

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