Billy Joe Saunders – A Fool To Himself

By James Slater - 03/31/2020 - Comments

Fight fans may have heard about Billy Joe Saunders’ latest crude stunt. A man who courts controversy, Saunders is in hot water over the disgusting video he uploaded, with the fighter giving male viewers tips on how to deal with their partner should she “give you a little bit of mouth” during this time of lock down living. Saunders punches his heavy bag, showing viewers how it’s done should he want to “bang her on the chin,” and then “finish her off.”

Saunders, who admits his sense of humor is “not everyone’s cup of tea,” has issued an apology, yet for many the apology – his latest – rings hollow. Michael Woods of goes as far as to say a life time ban for Saunders would be fine by him. Also, female fighter Claressa Shields has posted a counter video of her own, in which she explains how a woman should deal with a jerk like Saunders.

Saunders has been suspended by The British Boxing Board (fans have been quick to point out the irony of a boxer being suspended from boxing when there is currently no boxing taking place anywhere due to the coronavirus), and his chances of getting that massive fight with Canelo Alvarez are now even slimmer (the fight, never officially announced due to the coronavirus problem, might have happened in the summer, maybe not). In short, as disgusting and offensive as Saunders’ latest “joke” was, the unbeaten southpaw had hurt himself more than he has hurt anybody else.

A talented fighter who simply cannot keep his mouth shut or keep his tasteless gags to himself, is allowing his prime years to pass him by. It remains to be seen how tough a penalty The British Board lays on Saunders (a full investigation and hearing to take place in due course).

Woods says Saunders is “Pound for Pound No.1 Jackass in boxing,” and it’s tough to disagree. What do you guys think, what should Saunders’ punishment be? As for Canelo and his next fight, there is a possibility the Mexican superstar could go straight into a third fight with Gennady Golovkin when the whole coronavirus battle is over with. So there is some good news at least.