Big Fights Loom for Berlanga, But Only IF He Survives McCrory Test on February 24th

By Jeepers Isaac - 02/14/2024 - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn says he has “two or three big fights” available to unbeaten super middleweight contender Edgar Berlanga if he’s victorious in his 12-round headliner against Padraig McCrory on February 24th on DAZN from the Caribe Royale Orlando, Orlando, Florida.

Hearn’s Preference: Berlanga vs. Munguia

If #5 WBO, and #8 WBA Berlanga (21-0, 16 KOs) wins and looks good, Hearn would like to match him against Jaime Munguia or David Benavidez. The Munguia fight is the one that Hearn appears to want the most for Berlanga, as that would set up a Mexico vs. Puerto Rico match-up and would drive a lot of interest from boxing fans.

First things first. Berlanga must defeat #3 WBA McCrory (18-0, 9 KOs), which will not be an easy task for him. McCrory has talent and can punch a bit. We’ve already seen that Berlanga has a weak chin and has been dropped by a non-puncher in the past.

“For me, I think he’s got two or three big fights out there for him. The [David] Benavidez fight is a big fight. The Canelo Alvarez is a huge fight,” said Eddie Hearn to the media about options for Edgar Berlanga if he wins his fight against Padraig McCrory on February 24th.

It would be a significant blow for Hearn if Berlanga were to lose to McCrory, considering he signed the former Top Rank fighter and paid him a lot of money in hopes of getting him to a big fight against the likes of Canelo.

The McCrory Hurdle

“Berlanga is Puerto Rico vs. Mexico if he looks good on February 24th, but I think he’s a very exciting young fighter, 43-0, a great style, but it obviously isn’t my decision, but if I get my way, it’s Edgar Berlanga,” said Hearn about wanting to match Berlanga against Jaime Munguia. “He’s got a lot of options ahead of him.

“I’m one punch away from changing my life for good,” said McCrory to iFL TV about what his fight against Berlanga will have at stake for him. “There’s been some serious names mentioned. There’s Canelo. I’m going with the intention of giving every ounce of my body to win this fight.

“I think he’s overlooking me. I think he’s a little too confident,” said McCrory about Berlanga. “There’s plenty of footage of him. Marcelo Coceres put him on his a** and there’s a good chance that I will as well.