Beaten Up By Austin Trout, Diego Sanchez Says He Was Cheated

02/21/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

This past Friday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, former WBA 154 pound champ Austin Trout met former UFC star Diego Sanchez as each man ventured into the world of bareknuckle fighting. Trout proceeded to dish out a beating to his 41 year old foe, “No Doubt,” at age 37, looking quick and slick in busting Sanchez up, dropping him, and eventually getting the fourth round stoppage win.

Sanchez was a bloody mess long before the doctor called the fight and it was tough to watch the action. But Sanchez is not done yet. It turns out, in Sanchez’ mind at least, that Trout was a little too slick. Sanchez has cried foul, claiming Trout was heavily, and illegally, smothered in Vaseline, this preventing Sanchez from being able to clinch Trout when he needed to.

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As a result, Sanchez, who incredibly says he counts the fight as a winning one, says he will get his lawyer to officially protest the result with the hope being the decision will be overturned.

“[He was covered in Vaseline] so heavy I could not utilize the clinch, this is cheating everybody so with that being said, I am the victorious champion and I count this as a win,” Sanchez said via his instagram page. “Hopefully we can get the decision overturned. I will be talkiing to my lawyer soon.”

Trout, who does not deny Vaseline was applied before the fight, is stunned over the way cheating accusations have been hurled at him.

“Vaseline? That was the kryptonite? Not the jab, the footwork, not the left hand?” Trout said vis his instagram account. “If you watch the fight, in the first round, I initiated the clinch. And I was busting his ass, busting his body up. It was the body shots that stopped him from clinching, not the Vaseline.”

Trout went on to say how the BKFC has “no rule” regarding the use of Vaseline during a bout.

It seems Sanchez, who really should be looking for another form of employment, is clutching at straws here, and that his appeal will go nowhere. One would suggest a return fight between the two men, this in an effort to prove, finally, who the superior fighter is. However, anyone who tuned in to watch Friday’s bloody, wholly one-sided fight, already knows who the superior fighter is.

Trout may have to get in touch with his own lawyers if Sanchez doesn’t drop his claims.