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Andres Campos angry with Sunny Edwards calling him “Chilean rat,” intends on punishing him tonight

Challenger Andres Campos feels disrespected by IBF flyweight champion Sunny Edwards, referring to him as a “Chilean rat” ahead of their fight tonight live on DAZN from the OVO Arena in London, England.

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The unbeaten Campos (15-0, 4 KOs) plans on getting even with the newly signed Matchroom Bioxing fighter Edwards (19-0, 4 KOs) to take his IBF 112-lb belt and make him sorry that he chose to fight him.

Promoter Eddie Hearn is really high on Edwards, believing that he’s got the talent to become the undisputed champion at flyweight in a rapid manner.

Hearn is already in the planning stages to match Edwards up against WBO champion Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez in his next fight this year, and then WBC champ Julio Cesar Martinez in early 2024.

Campos could throw a wrench in the works by upsetting Edwards to spoil the grand plans that Hearn has for him.

Andres Campos: “First of all, thank you very much, Eddie, for the opportunity. As you say, I’ve worked very hard for this opportunity and we’re going to show on Saturday night that we can do it and I can become the first world champion from Chile.

Eddie Hearn: “I love the head-to-head yesterday. There were a lot of backward and forwards. It was high-level stuff. You said you were going to smash his head in. He called you a Chilean rat, but words aside, this is personal for you only to become world champion, but this guy doesn’t seem to like you very much either.”

Campos: “I’m only focused on doing my work. You know he was disrespectful to me and also to my team. On Saturday, I hope he meets me in the middle of the ring, and we’re going to have a tear up.”

Hearn: “Finally, this man has plenty of skill and people think the way to beat him is pressure and try and obviously hurt him in the fight. That’s what you’re going to bring on Saturday night. You’re going to try and meet him in a fight, put a lot of pressure on him, walk him down, and win by knockout on Saturday.”

Campos: “So that’s the idea. You know you always look for the KO in a fight, but we have a plan A, Plan, B, and plan C. But we’ve worked really hard for this opportunity in this fight and we’re going to win.”

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Hearn: “Everyone’s talking about these big moments, these undisputed fights but I know you believe you’re a level above Andres Campos but he’s coming with everything on Saturday night It’s a dream opportunity for him and you do expect the best of him.

Sunny Edwards: “I mean, firstly thank you to all the Matchroom staff, DAZN, yourself, Eddie, and Frank Smith for believing in me. I think I’m definitely in the best place and the best position of my career. I’m really really excited about what the future holds.

“Obviously, you know me, Eddie. When I signed, I wanted the big fights. Now, I feel like I’ve already been made to wait way too long for them. Anyway, that’s not happened yet. The other champions weren’t on my timeline. They weren’t willing to fight me just yet. I don’t think any of them are immediately ready to fight me just now.

“Anyway, I think we’re gonna still struggle after this fight but respect to Campos, as I know the fight was offered to a couple of the top 15 a couple of the top 10 and he was the first one to say yes. We had about 24 hours to get an opponent for this day. I found out on seven weeks’ notice.

“I said that was no problem, but yeah, it just happened to be that for the last since December 2021, he’s been calling me out, tagging me, and stuff. I’ve been getting messages from all this little Muppet’s team and trainers and whoever but he said I’ve been disrespectful.

“I’ve been shown a lot of disrespect for the last 18 months and then when he gets the fight, he signs the contract, and all of a sudden, he goes ghost. He disappears. I was ready for some little bit of build-up, you know, even if it was just a bit of social [media].

“Ideally, I would have wanted a press conference seven weeks ago, so we could have a face-off, but obviously that didn’t happen. I’m looking forward to it I think it’s a good opportunity for me to showcase what I’m going to do.

“I believe Andres Campos is the biggest threat in the world. I think he belongs in a ring with me. I’ll be real. I don’t I think there’s a lot of fighters, probably 50 fighters in the way, probably 100 fighters in the weight that have done more of him, more than him, deserving.

“He’s boxed the easy opponents over 10 rounds and struggled over and over again. Split decisions in six rounders. Yeah, I don’t think they can believe their luck, to be honest. They did a

“On Saturday, it’s not going to go their way. I don’t think theey think they’re gonna win. I generally don’t.  I just think ain’t got nothing else. So yeah, that’s why he’s here.”

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Hearn: You’re obviously not a big fan of Andres Campos but does that mean you win in style? Is that the pressure for you on Saturday night? You know you’re talking about being levels above this guy, he shouldn’t be in a ring with you. Do you have to go
out there and put a really dominant display?”

Edwards: “Yes, whatever I want it to be. I think and I feel like you know a 26-year-old that doesn’t even know himself if he can do 12 rounds under the lights yet. I’m not the person to find out. I am not the fight. I’ve had veterans that have not lost in decades struggle to even put together two punches against me over 12 rounds.

“I’ve got a 26-year-old Muppet from a country that has never had a world champion, got an amateur hour set up. He’s been spying all the amateurs, or so I’ve heard. Yeah, I just think he’s delusion and about disrespect. What has this man to my left done in a boxing ring to tell me that I’m not good enough?

“We could find out on Saturday. Maybe you can say it on Saturday, but to be on the run-up, if that’s not disrespect, I don’t know what it is. But as soon as it got to my face, they didn’t want to look me in the eyes; they wanted to go all quiet.

“We had a face-to-face where they said we’re gonna walk into each other, and the Muppet didn’t even take his hat off. Very disrespectful. He wants to talk about disrespect. Try to bounce the peak of his cap off my head.

“So I dashed it off his head, and he didn’t get no reaction. He stood there for five seconds like a rabbit in headlights, and like I said yesterday, he was nervous. He tried smiling if off and laughing if off, but I can see the energy in him. He knows he’s a beaten man.

“I’m gonna send him back to the mountains in Chile with nothing but a little paycheck from you, Eddie. So the only person he really has to thank is you.”

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