Alexander Povetkin Recovering From Covid, Back In “Light Training”

Alexander Povetkin, who was quite recently hospitalized due to testing positive for the coronavirus, is on the road to recovery and the Russian star is back in “light training.” This is according to a news story from TASS. Povetkin, 36-2-1(25), is of course down to fight Dillian Whyte in January, in their big return fight. Povetkin stunned Whyte, 27-2(18) with a fifth round KO back in August.

Since then, Whyte (who seems to want to verbally attack just about every other heavyweight on the planet at one time or another) came out and said that he suspected Povetkin of “faking” catching Covid, this to buy more time ahead of the rematch (which was originally set for November 21). “I personally don’t think he’s got Covid,” Whyte said to Sky Sports a few weeks back. “After the first fight, he took a lot of time off. He took a lot of punishment. Even though I got stopped, I went straight back to training.”

Now, with Povetkin recovering, we must wait and see if the 41 year old will be ready for the rematch, set for January 30 of 2021.

“Alexander has recovered; he is feeling well now. He is gradually beginning to train but not in full force. It is not yet determined whether the fight with Dillian Whyte will take place in January,” reads a statement from Team Povetkin.

If Povetkin is not able to fight on January 30, it goes without saying how Whyte will be a whole lot of angry, with the 32 year old Londoner having plenty to say about it. But Povetkin’s health must be 100 percent, for this or for any other fight. Covid is no joke, even for a pro athlete. Fans are of course expecting a tough, hard fight when the two rival heavyweights get it on once again. No way should Povetkin be expected to compromise his chances by taking the fight when not fully fit.

If Whyte has to wait a while longer for his shot at revenge, then so be it.