Tyson Video: A Tweet From The President & Incredibly High Praise From De La Hoya

Mike Tyson’s Video Clip Still Causing A Sensation

You know it’s a big deal when the President of the United States is sufficiently moved to send you a tweet. And Mike Tyson’s recent video clip of him working the pads, at age 53 and still with venomous speed and power, has generated plenty of attention.

Aided perhaps by the fact that there is not too much else going on in the boxing world due to the lockdown forced by you know what, Tyson’s display of handiwork has impressed many people.

Donald Trump sure has a heck of a lot on his plate right about now, yet the 45th president took the time to send Tyson a short, encouraging tweet earlier today:

“Keep punching Mike!” Trump wrote today, having seen the former champ display his still-got-it skills.

Trump and Tyson know each other pretty well; Trump has hosted some of “Iron Mike’s” big fights in his hotel/casinos back in the day. At one point in time, Trump was even Tyson’s financial manager. Trump was endorsed by Tyson when he ran for President back in 2016. Trump is now fighting a far bigger battle than anything Tyson faced in the ring, and the critics suggest Trump is on the ropes as far as the coronavirus and his handling of it goes. What say you, how is the President coping with this, an unprecedented situation in world history?

Meanwhile, another presidential hopeful (maybe) in Oscar De La Hoya has tweeted how in his opinion Tyson “could KO any heavyweight” if he devoted himself to serious training:

“I’m sure that if he trains for 12 rounds, right now, he’ll knock out any heavyweight,” De La Hoya wrote.

And to think, former Tyson trainer Jeff Fenech was recently subjected to a ton of criticism when he came out and said Tyson could KO Deontay Wilder in a minute if he trained hard for a sustained period of time! De La Hoya (who said a few months back how he may run for President in 2020) has gone even further. Sure, Tyson looks to be in fantastic shape – for a 53-year-old. But that’s the thing, Tyson is 53. it’s great to see the former champ who has suffered his share of bad fortune over the years in such fine mental and physical shape, but “KO any heavyweight!” Come on, Oscar, reel it in, please.

Still, Tyson is still big news, still a genuine superstar, some 15 years after his final (maybe) ring appearance. And that goes to show how special he really was in his prime years. Back when Trump was hosting his massive fights.