Lomachenko willing to go to Australia for 2-fight deal for Kambosos title shot

02/16/2022 - By Tim Compton - Comments

In an update on George Kambosos Jr’s next fight. Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) has agreed to a two-fight in which there will be a rematch.

There’s still a possibility for Devin Haney to get the fight with Kambosos (20-0, 10 KOs), but it’ll depend on his promoter Eddie Hearn coming up with a better deal.

Agreeing to a rematch clause likely be an issue for Haney, and it’ll obviously come down to the money. The rematch clause will no doubt have the purse split spelled out.

Without question, Kambosos is in a great position to get two giant paydays. If he never wins another world championship again, he’ll still be set for life with the money he’ll make from the two fights.

Should IBF/WBA/WBC franchise/WBO lightweight champion Kambosos Jr lose the first fight with Lomachenko, he’ll have the choice of whether to force a rematch.

Lomachenko agrees to 2-fight deal

“Our offer was basically for George Kambosos to keep all the Australian money but for the fight,” said Eddie Hearn said to the DAZN Boxing Show on his offer to the four-belt champion to face Devin Haney.

You would think that it would be a better deal for Kambosos to face Haney next rather than Lomachenko because at least he would have a chance of winning.

I don’t agree. Haney likely will beat Kambosos as well, and it’s going to be harder for him to digest losing to the 23-year-old than it would against the more accomplished Lomachenko.

From a fan standpoint, there will be fallout for Kambosos after getting beaten by Lomachenko than there would be if he loses to Haney.

“I think that they talk about how huge this fight is, pay-per-view in Australia, government money, stadium fight. I thought it was a very fair offer. I don’t want to go back and forth with Lou DiBella,” said Hearn.

Lomachenko willing to go to Australia for 2-fight deal for Kambosos title shot

“I had to come out on social media to say, we had never ever received an offer by email or any other form of writing for Devin Haney to go to Australia because we’ll do everything we can to go.

“I felt that Devin was given a bad end of the stick because him and Bill were phoning me up saying, ‘Can you forward the offer that you’ve had?’ I never had an offer, so I don’t know what to do.

“Since then, we’ve had talks with DAZN, who have acted as good intermediaries between myself and Lou DiBella to try and make this fight happen.

“Because of the WBO ruling for George Kambosos, which they’ve ordered negotiations for the Lomachenko fight, really the only fight George Kambosos is going to get away with is the undisputed fight anyway,” said Hearn.

Kambosos has two options

“So really, you’ve got two options. You’ve got Devin Haney for the undisputed world championship or you’ve got Vasily Lomachenko in a defense of your world title,” said Hearn. “Both are good fights.

“One gives you the undisputed to do a deal quite easily for us and DAZN. I think it’s the best option for him. We’re working hard for a solution. I had a good long chat with Devin and Bill a few hours

“If everyone is sensitive, even though Devin Haney is doing really well for himself, he’s so focused on achievements that are not necessarily monetary.

“He’s a young man that wants legacy, he wants the belts, undisputed and Devin Haney will do everything he can to make this fight happen. He’s willing to go to Australia, no problem.

“He’s probably willing to take money that he feels isn’t the right money for this fight in all honesty. It’s going to come down to, ‘This is the money. Do you want to be undisputed?’ The answer from Devin Haney is ‘yes, absolutely, I do.’

“So, I feel there are no excuses why we shouldn’t make this fight. Devin is a great young man that wants greatness, and Kambosos deserves all he can get because of his greatness last time out.

“When Lou DiBella said something the other day, I was thinking of saying, ‘Publish the offer and if you have made an offer, I’ll make a huge donation to a charity of your choice.’

“I just thought to myself, ‘Don’t do it,’ because then all a sudden, we’ll make a decision based on ego because sometimes isn’t in the best interest of your client.

“That’s such a terrible thing. We’re trying to take that away from the sport. I don’t want beef with Lou. He wants his moment to promote this fight. If I have to take a backseat in this fight, I’ll just turn up on fight week with Devin and carry the spit bucket.

“I don’t care. I just want the kid [Haney] to get the chance because I know he’s the best in the world. Also, I feel that if we can work together, I will be a valuable asset for Australia, for the show, for the government, and everything. It’s so frustrating in boxing,” Hearn said.

DAZN helping out

“So, I’m trying to draw a line under that now and say, ‘Look, let’s just talk sensibly.’ That’s where DAZN’s involvement will help. If DAZN can come in because DAZN wants the fight, and that’s another thing that upset me.

“When you see Dan Rafael coming out saying, ‘DAZN doesn’t want the fight.’ Absolute rubbish. That comes from somewhere. Do you think with all the money I’ve invested into Devin Haney and he’s got a chance for a DAZN fighter to hold the world championship that they don’t want that fight? Come on.

“DAZN is making offers to me and Lou DiBella to try and make that fight happen, so fingers crossed. I don’t want to get into that ‘he said, she said.

“If I try and do that, the deal will never get done because I’ll just upset people,” said Hearn about him choosing not to take over the promotion so he won’t upset DiBella .”So we got to be smart.”

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