Spence shows proof of his surgery to shutdown critics

Errol Spence Jr came out today to show proof that his doubters were looking for that had surgery on his left eye on Wednesday. Fans on social media have been saying that IBF/WBC welterweight champion Spence “faked” his eye injury and that he dreamed it up to weasel out of the fight with Manny Pacquiao in August 21st because he was flat out scared to take his beating.

Spence (27-0, 21 KOs) shut down his critics today by displaying his bandaged left eye immediately after surgery. Spence, 31, didn’t have to do this, but he chose to because of the many people doubting his injury.

The fans needed proof that Errol Spence had an injury, and he gave it to them. After taking his injured left eye to three different doctors, ALL concluded that he had a retinal tear, and it needed to be surgically repaired ASAP.

Spence didn’t want to pull out of the fight with Manny, but he was forced to. If he had fought with his injured eye, it could have ended his career.

It’s disappointing that boxing fans are so jaded and mistrustful of fighters when they reveal that they’re injured. Things didn’t use to be like this.

You can argue that some boxing fans have been distrustful of fighters ever since Tyson Fury pulled out of his fight with Deontay Wilder scheduled for July 24th due to him having COVID-19.

Errol Spence shows PROOF of his eye surgery

WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas (26-4, 12 KOs) has already agreed to step in and replace Spence to face Pacquiao in the main event on August 21st at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

If not for the injury, Spence wouldn’t have pulled out of the fight with Pacquiao because he was the favorite to win, and he would have made a massive amount of money. Why would Spence pull out of a fight that the boxing world had him winning?

Part of why fans think Spence faked his eye injury is the recent sparring video from his camp that was leaked and posted on YouTube. It was a brief clip showing a little guy that was landing some shots on Spence.

Since we didn’t see the entire video of the sparring, there’s no way of knowing whether Spence thrashed the sparring partner or if he was intentionally taking it easy on him.

Ugas not underestimating Pacquiao

“Underestimating Manny Pacquiao is out of the question,” said Ugas. “He’s going to be ready. I have prepared to face the best so that I can become the best.

“This is going to be a great fight for all the fans. I’m planning on leaving everything in the ring.

“I can guarantee an amazing fight. We’re going to give a big gift to the fans on August 21. I’m leaving my heart out there for all my fans,” said Ugas.

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  1. We have a President, Joe Biden, elected by a landslide, in the best conducted election in history, all of which is backed by the stone truth, Mr. Spence, You are a Champion, it’s not just boxing fans who demand we bring something back on a stick when we return from the bathroom, following several sore losers many demand we throw hundreds of thousands voters hard cast votes into the dump. Don’t pay attention to losers, and get well from this extremely serious eye injury.

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