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“No one is born with Godly wisdom, nor is it given to any human.”-FALSE. TRUE that no one is born with it but God blesses them with it at some point AFTER they are born…Just because God didn’t give you much Wisdom doesn’t mean that he didn’t give it to any human.

Posted July 15, 2013 7:46 am 


Nope, I’m a TRUTHIOT Hissydalgo. TRUE Wisdom comes from God. No Human dead or alive HAS OR HAD any Wisdom without God…. God gives a man LIFE. Without LIFE there’s no Wisdom and no experience…. But again experience is not the factor. God blessing a man with Wisdom is the factor. …How else do you explain a guy like me (who has MUCH less experience than Freddie Roach) being able to see that he was going to get his man damn near KILLED by going for the knockout vs Marquez when the highly experienced Roach couldn’t see it???.. .How else do you explain Shane Mosley not being able to throw a stiff jab despite him Boxing longer than Canelo has been ALIVE but the less experienced Canelo has the Wisdom to put SNAP on his jab and Shane still doesn’t?? How was Abraham Lincoln WISER than Fidel Castro despite having LESS LIFE experience as a leader???…..Because Wisdom comes from God you DUNCE…..

How else do you explain Ricardo Mayorga (who has MANY more Fights than Adrien Broner) not being WISE enough to try to hone his Boxing SKILLS instead of remaining a crude brawler??? Because Broner was blessed with more WISDOM than Mayorga when it comes to Boxing. THAT’s why.. and Mayorga having more experience is no factor in that.

Posted July 15, 2013 7:29 am 


” Wisdom comes from God. Abraham says that I am CORRECT on that. God has blessed me with the ability to see Boxing more clearly than anyone ever born….”

You’re an idiot Foolamundo. Not that kind of “wisdom”. Human wisdom comes from experience. A person may be blessed with intelligence, but wisdom is a thing gained through life experience. No one is born with Godly wisdom, nor is it given to any human.

“The Lord gives wisdom” through experience with him. The “wisdom” of God is achieved through knowledge of him and by being a righteous and moral person. The “wisdom” spoken of in the Bible refers to wisdom of God, not to lowly human arrogance or narcissism. Which you demonstrate on a daily basis.

Posted July 14, 2013 4:00 pm 


Lots of GOOD points there TARK but NO cigar….Wisdom doesn’t come from experience. Wisdom comes from God. Abraham says that I am CORRECT on that. God has blessed me with the ability to see Boxing more clearly than anyone ever born….and although I’ve been in quite a few Fights, my experience level is no factor in that. I instinctually knew what to DO without being taught. I’m the Einstein of Boxing. That’s why when Freddie Roach (who has MUCH more experience than me) told Pacquiao to go for the knockout in the 4th Fight with Marquez, I predicted that Pacquiao would be stopped. All of Roach’s experience couldn’t help him to see what I saw the second those words were put into print. …and get you some reading SKILLS. I SAID that IF Rigondeaux followed MY advice he would WIN and I was CORRECT. I was HAPPY to be of some help.. And of course I knew about Both Fighters. Thats why I was able to give both of them advice. One took my advice and the other one didn’t. And we saw the results…All glory be to God for using me to help those who listen.

Posted July 12, 2013 3:09 pm 


Supreme Court…….. Boxtra/Correcta…has you hands down as far as being the ATTENTION WH0RE! of ESB …..

Posted July 12, 2013 12:37 am 


“straight line” or shortest distance between two points is what i meant …

Posted July 12, 2013 12:36 am 

Supreme Court


Posted July 11, 2013 11:16 pm 


Boxtradamus/Correctamundo …. Rigondeaux’s strength is boxing.. He’s boxed for 25 years and you haven’t boxed for 5 minutes as an amateur in a subnovice fight with a referee, judges, and an audience. You never trained a fighter. Your knowledge isn’t enough to fill a spit bucket. If a boxer had a faulty stance, you wouldn’t know the first thing to tell him. If he had any technical problems you would have no ability to set him on a corrective path.

Rigo is one of the most knowledgeable boxers alive.. He knows when and what punches to throw at whom.. and when not to throw..

You picked Donaire to win — even though you know little about either fighter … So you were WRONG AGAIN!!!!

Posted July 11, 2013 10:29 pm 


Also the Fonz is piissed big time at you for using his handle …..

Posted July 11, 2013 9:27 pm 


Nope. I congratulated Rigo for taking my advice and I SAID he would lose if he took his own words seriously and tried to execute THEM instead of MINE. He wisely executed MY words. Eliminated the combinations. One shotted Donaire to DEATH and Defended with WIZARDY. That’s how you defeat a man with MUCH FIREPOWER.

Posted July 11, 2013 9:07 pm 


Nonito dropped Rigondeaux with a hard driving left.. A damned hard shot.. I’m amazed Rigo wasn’t hurt… He’s an amazing cat, even when he gets hit.

To be fair.. Donaire’s jab wasn’t working that well — or his left hook for that matter… That’s why he turned southpaw for an instant to uncork that straight left as a power shot.. His left shoulder was all messed up in training camp — just like Ward messed his shoulder up as he was training for Pavlik.

I hope Donaire stays out until the shoulder problem is fixed… Ward too.

And I hope they both have come up with new nurtritionists and dropped VC.

Posted July 11, 2013 9:06 pm 


mini me,s you refer too ….

Posted July 11, 2013 9:04 pm 


Then you used the OLD somebody else is using my name to make comments on this site BULLL……..

Posted July 11, 2013 9:03 pm 


You can be countered throwing ANY punch IF you throw it at a Defensive WIZARD. SO take Cotto’s advice and UP your OWN chances of landing by throwing more straight shots vs. PRIME TIME Defenders…..IF you MISS you MISS but give yourself the BEST odds.

Posted July 11, 2013 9:03 pm 


you …

Posted July 11, 2013 9:01 pm 


No picked Donaire to win ….

Posted July 11, 2013 9:01 pm 


CORRECTION…..IF he had been dumb enough to DO what he SAID he would DO in the lead UP to the Fight he would have been knocked out…

Posted July 11, 2013 9:00 pm 


Even still you can get COUNTERED with the HOOK when throwing the STRAIGHT punches …………

Posted July 11, 2013 9:00 pm 


Thats in a perfect world where BOTH punches are thrwon AT the SAME time ..The old a straight line rule of thumb ….

Posted July 11, 2013 8:59 pm 


I picked Rigo to WIN IF he took my advice which he DID. I congratulated him on that. IF he had been dumb enough on what he has said he would DO in the lead UP to the Fight he would have been knocked out….SO I applaud him for taking HEED to my warning and flip flopping game plans. I only said that Donaire would WIN if Rigo actually fought like he SAID he would.

HE pulled a Floyd and had the guy prepare for a brawl and then SHOCK him by giving him a Boxing match.

Posted July 11, 2013 8:59 pm 


Learn how to throw straighter shots. Point A to Point B is faster than Point A to Point B to Point C. Watch Rigo vs. Cordoba. He dropped Rigo with a straight right. Not a HOOK.

Posted July 11, 2013 8:53 pm 


LOL Boxtra you picked Nonito to beat Rigo …..

Posted July 11, 2013 8:42 pm 


NO one is going to beat Rigo but a MAN will try to DO it anyway because men like to achieve the impossible. Running away from the opportunity to do the impossible (unless it can result in death) is a sign of COWARDICE (and in some circumstances its still COWARDICE even IF it CAN result in death)……. LOSING to a guy of that caliber isn’t all that BAD. Like I SAID long ago, only Floyd has a chance of beating him.

IF Donaire has a better trainer he could possibly beat Rigo but not right now. HE needs to learn how to SNEAK his power shots IN instead of throwing all POWER. Its TOO predictable for the ELITE of the ELITE.

The BEST Defenders in the World don’t get caught by guys that just wing power shots. SO you have to learn how to set your shots UP against those types of Fighters. Go take a CHESS class.

Posted July 11, 2013 8:35 pm 


Damn!,did Nonito got run over by a truck or what?

Posted July 11, 2013 8:14 pm 


I don’t expect that YOU would.

Posted July 11, 2013 7:39 pm 


I really haven’t seen any improvement from then till now.

Posted July 11, 2013 7:33 pm 


Rigondeaux is the best boxer in the world, so losing to him is no disgrace… Donaire is a great fighter and will be Darchinyan easily.. The only difference is Donaire is a much better and more experienced fighter..

ND had about 19 fights when they met before. He was green as could be.

Posted July 11, 2013 6:52 pm 

Tomato Can

Donaire will beat Darchinyan again, but this fight will do nothing to prepare him for Rigo. Donaire should leave well enough alone, and stay away from Rigo.

Posted July 11, 2013 1:59 pm 


Donaire vs Darchinyan? Why? WTF is up with Bob Arum? Nothing like cold chicken.

Posted July 11, 2013 11:08 am 

Tyrone Jones

Rigondeaux vs Mikey Garcia is one of the few big options far Arum. However, GBP was willing to put Abner against Donair so maybe they would also consider Santa Cruz against Donair. Rigondeaux’s manager wants Abner but like five fights down the line. Anyway, these fighters on the same card would sell very well but would Arum allow it to be shown on Showtime?

Posted July 11, 2013 8:08 am 

The Mad Scientist

Vic will be more aware of Nonito’s left hook this time and he may hang around long enough to land a strong punch of his own..Nonito may not be up for this and Vic may just have one more good night of fight in him..I have a funny feeling about this one considering I never thought much of Donaire to begin with..btw, whatever happen to alot of his pole jockin fans that use to lead the charge for the flash..? I guess Rigo brought them back down to earth..Lol!

Posted July 11, 2013 7:14 am 


Correctomundo is like my puppy, Buffy. Follows me around all day barking the same bark. Even follows me into the bathroom uninvited.

Posted July 11, 2013 5:53 am 


Vic got cleaned up clinically last time and has had lots of wear and tear since. As much as I like Vic and his odd style, its curtains for the great man in this fight.

Posted July 11, 2013 5:30 am 


Elmatador Mares beats Rigo, tell me when you wake up please. Donaires has a better chance in the Mares fight. Rigo skillset if off the charts I have trouble deciding between him and Floyd. Top Rank is stupid period when it comes to boxers not called Pacquaio. Remember when they turned down Margarito vs Williams 2, Goosen offered Margacheato a cool $4 mil. They turn it down for a Mosley fight for a measly $2.5 mil. Margacheato gets caught, gets raped in the ring. The most gratifying moment of my life regarding boxing. Arum pacing up and down in the ring. The ring was empty the only evil snake left in the ring. Probably thinking how the hell did we end up here. Karma, senile old crook!!!

Posted July 11, 2013 3:06 am 


Lol great pic and dont get me wrong i do thing rigo is boring but he did bust up donairs face. Mares would beat both rigo and donaire i thought moreno was going to give mares problems but mares walked all over him would do the same to rigo. Its kinda funny gbp offered arum and donaire 3 mil to fight mares but they went for the safer fight in rigo lol and now there doing the same instead of the rematch there going for a tuneup hope vic kos this clown lost all respect form him has no balls

Posted July 11, 2013 2:23 am 

Tomato Can

Nice photo.

Posted July 10, 2013 10:57 pm 


I don’t think Donaire wants any part of Rigo.

Posted July 10, 2013 10:33 pm 


Arum is a bonafide SISSY. Donaire already said he wanted to rematch Rigo. SO make the Fight.

Posted July 10, 2013 10:27 pm 


Na, Donaire made a career out of fighting, old has beens, smaller fighters, people coming off 15 months of inactivity about to retire boxers. Once he stepped in with a real opponent it showed. And like I said he had a couple of excuses. Funny how none of those came out when he was beating the boxers he was in there with. He should not of been on the P4P list and most definitely should not of won fighter of the year. And what is he doing now, stepping back in with an old boxer who is at the tail end of his career. That is why everybody said Mares was better and had a better resume, because he fought real fighters.

Posted July 10, 2013 9:42 pm 

Exiled Yank

Man, I loved watching Darch do the Zab Judah Chicken Dance.

Posted July 10, 2013 9:38 pm 

Big Al

Top Rank matchups are beyond stale.

Posted July 10, 2013 8:13 pm 


Funny how Donaire thought he was gonna beat up the Cuban, he thought he was bigger, stronger and better, he (Donaire) got schooled. To rematch Darch now makes no sense. It sure would be funny if Darch comes in and somehow pulls off a win, watch what you wish for Donaire.

Posted July 10, 2013 8:11 pm 


…i guess a rematch with Rigo is ABSOLUTELY out of the question judging by that picture!!

Posted July 10, 2013 7:53 pm 


Love the Donaire facial pics. Who was hitting him if Rigo was running all night? LMFAO.

Posted July 10, 2013 7:41 pm 


cannot post

Posted July 10, 2013 7:32 pm 


PEEJ Nonito is a good boxer puncher he studied and implemented well right up to the Rigo fight …His whole team underestimated Rigo big time and payed the price … Donaire should be calling out Abner …..Even after being schooled by Rigo …….

Posted July 10, 2013 7:26 pm 


Donaire only fights fighters smaller or older past there prime. He thought he would beat Rigo based on how many fights he had and then after being beat came out with lame excuses and got bood for it too. Really don’t think Donaire is all that good. Average to me

Posted July 10, 2013 6:41 pm 


Abner Mares did not beat Darch that night….ANd Mares has not had a tougher night since ……

Posted July 10, 2013 6:40 pm 

Fight Aficionado

LOL another comical ESB pic accompanying a potential match up story. Donaire is looking busted.

Posted July 10, 2013 6:05 pm 


Hey, That’s My Bike!!! – Did you watch the fight?? So, I guess you saw Donaire land that punch SEVERAL times before it actually knocked Darchinyan down, right? Cause it was NOT a ‘lucky’ punch, Donaire was smacking Darchinyan around the ring like an infant, he was clearly beating him until he finally put him to rest.

Posted July 10, 2013 5:43 pm 


HUGE Donaire fan, NOT a fan of this matchup!

Posted July 10, 2013 5:42 pm 

Hey, That’s My Bike!!!

Donaire made a name off Darchinyan with a lucky punch. He knew it and wouldn’t go for a rematch. Now that Vic is at the end of his career and noticeably less than his prime, Donaire suddenly feels it is a good time for a rematch. Donaire was exposed for the cherry picking fraud I always knew he was by a 12 Pro fight novice. I hope Vic has one truly great fight left in him and puts this fake into the canvas Pacman style.

Posted July 10, 2013 5:13 pm 

Jay rock

Lol what a joke lol

Posted July 10, 2013 4:11 pm 


Bob Arum is a maggot! I understand why he doesn’t put Donaire in with Mares right now as he’s coming fresh off a sound beating, but Darchinyan? If not Mareno, at least put him in with Agbeko, Perez, or let him gain his confidence back by blasting out the faded Juanma.

Posted July 10, 2013 3:13 pm 


philly shell – BOOM!

Posted July 10, 2013 3:09 pm 


this fights too late bob,besides the flash’S STYLE IS JUST ALL WRONG FOR VIC..yezzir!

Posted July 10, 2013 2:34 pm 



Posted July 10, 2013 1:30 pm 

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